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June 20, 2021
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Zimbabwe’s Ex-President Robert Mugabe Passes Away at 95

Former president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, has passed away at the age of 95, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said on Friday.

Mugabe died in Singapore, where he has often received medical treatment, according to Reuters citing a source.

​Mugabe was born on 21 February 1924, and was educated as a teacher. After coming to power in the early 1980s, he established a one-party system in the country and was criticized both in Zimbabwe and throughout the world for human rights violations.

During his career, Mugabe held several leadership positions. At first, from 1980 to 1987, he was prime minister, and at the end of 1987 he became president. Also for two years, in 2015-2016, he headed the African Union.

Mugabe was removed from office in November 2017 as a result of a coup, after which he was placed under house arrest.

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