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Woyanes are scared to hide behind Wendy Sherman’s skirt

by Teshome Debalke

Here we go again. I run out of words what to make of Woyane. It is running out of option like a thief encircled by the police searching for an escape route.

Playing the race-card run out of steam and blowing cold air. Singing ethnic Kumbaya turn out ‘what love got to do with our rights’; blowing hot trumpet in Dedebit. Tossing grenade in public space to blame us run out of fashion return back to the real terrorist camp in Dedebit where it belongs. Waging war against Eritreans to hide behind fall apart when we sang Ande New Demachin; leaving it bit the dust. Teasing us with Grand Renaissance Dam to pick our pockets turn out to be a grand scum to nowhere, on and on. What is left for Woyane to cry but, revolutionary democracy? Grow and transfer the money in Woyane bank

Finally, Wendy Sherman, the Obama Undersecretary for Political Affair came to rescue; declaring Woyane is the winner of the selection before the election is held. She said, the Selection Board of Ethiopia merged with the US Election Commission to strengthen our cooperation to defend democracy from terrorist that want to overthrow constitutionally elected government by violent means. For a minute I thought Berket Simon resurrected as an old white women. It also crossed my mind Susan Rice put up a makeup and dyed her hair white to blubber the same rubbish again. But, it turned out she is another sorry official of the Obama Administration.

The part-time diplomat part-time psychic extraordinary Woyane consulted looked at her magic glass and saw Woyane winning by 100% by the power bestowed on her by the voodoo magic. Election is not the only thing she saw. She also saw Al-Qaida looking terrorist group called Ginbot 7 that would overthrow the winner of the democratically elected regime before election is held. But, her magic glass only saw the winner of the imaginary election but missed the terrorist group that doesn’t exist. We still are waiting for clarification if her magic glass was cracked not to see if the group is Ginbot 7 or Patriotic – Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice and Democracy that is scaring the pants out of Woyane. But, whatever she is paid to say they should get refund and find another psychic; preferably a better equipped one to the reality.

The diplomat-psychic Wendy got it all wrong. As a diplomat of the longest democracy in the world she still doesn’t have knowledge of democracy or election yet. At the meantime, as psychic she can’t calibrate her magic glass to tell what Woyane want her to tell and get it right either. This is indeed an embarrassment to the Obama Administration more than the clueless women and a tragedy for the people of America again. Quite frankly, the hope President is for sure turning into hopeless when it comes to Africa and beyond. Susan Rise, the mastermind of Ethiopian policy is doing all the damage behind the seen repeating what Woyane told her like parrot in contradiction to the official US Department of State’s Reports. Somebody have to trigger the Freedom of Information Act and find out who is behind Susan before they turn her office into Woyane playground.

When it comes to sorry TPLF mouth pieces in the Diaspora they are taming down a notch to the reality and hoping for a miracle. Their new approach is to look as objective as they can possible is. The water down presentation of what Wendy said is to calm down their dumb-and-blind followers. One said, ‘A major shift in policy for the United State?’ and left his sorry audiences to guess and pray. Another said, ‘USA finally agrees with Ethiopia against Gintbot-7 and Shaebiy’ again no mention of democratically elected Woyane regime. They appear to be as shocked as everybody else with her statement — embarrassing them for going overboard more than what they wanted her to say. After all, democracy is a neoliberal concept that can wait until Developmental State take roots is the official policy. Here she comes ruing it. Where is Awramba Times, when we need it to restrain the Neoliberal Under Secretory calling Developmental State regime democratically elected? I guess anything is good as long as it is against the ‘Diaspora Extremist’?

There is no reason why Woyanes have to agonize over something that doesn’t worth saving. I understand the money is good not to let go. But, crying like a baby for being told you cannot steal and kill Ethiopians is mind boggling. It reminds me the saying of Dr. Steve Maraboli, a respected public speaker, bestselling author, and Behavioral Science Academician;

“I’m not crying because of you; you’re not worth it. I’m crying because my delusion of who you were was shattered by the truth of who you are”.

I agree, we all go through that in life one time or another. When a long delusional existence is shattered by the truth it is painful and taxing the spirit, the soul and the body. That is what Woyane stooges are crying about and blaming anybody they can find.

Noting to show but stolen money and empty bravado altered by fantasy pictures as memory pasting it to sooth their pain. Who am I? Why is my identity changing every time a TPLF warlord farts, steal, lie and kill…? Why am I scared of my own shadow and pretending to pray in a temple of godless warlords? Is Woyane religion or political party? Is Melse a prophet resurrecting as Jesus to pray for? Why I am mute, deaf and blind on the suffering of my people, is it a sin in Woyane religion?

So many questions not one brave Woyane to stand up tall.

There is no question Woyane is a fast moving cult with no tail and a craven of zombie following with no particular conviction but self-preservation. There is no other explanation looking at the followers accepting whatever comes from the top-down and assaulting anyone as the devil work. It resembles more like Scientology, a body of beliefs and related practices created by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard (1911–1986), beginning in 1952 as a successor to his earlier self-help system, according Wikipedia. It is the same thing with Woyane created out of TPLF fiction turned into self-help religion led by the late Melse as a cult leader with no replacement found yet.

In short, Ethiopians are under an ethnic cult with multiple head and personality and devoted followings financed by blood money. This would have sounded fiction in the past but, it turned out to be the truth now. If that is not the case, why is it the zombies hiding behind foreigners than come out in public to defend it? Take for instance the mouthpiece Medias with gorilla journalist putting out bizarre stories. Why are they hiding their identity from the public? They should be able to defend the ‘cult’ and themselves in public where they get their information and if the truthiness can be verified. Otherwise, why are they swimming in their own sewerage and pretend they don’t smell their own stinks. It is beyond anyone’s imagination.

The latest development is the cult is shaking from its foundation looking for a way out. Observing carefully, selected cult messengers are showing up from nowhere on their Media while the old are told to go underground until further instruction. In the Diaspora front where the heat is increasing, previously unknown zombies are showing up to put the best face of the cult — growing the economy faster than it is emptying the country of Ethiopians and replacing them with foreigners and hiding behind Eritrea- Isaias Afewerki. It appears that is the only thing left to talk about to stay alive.

No one knows why Eritrea- Isaias Afewerki became a hiding place for Woyane all over again except one thing. After all, Woyane worked so hard to make sure there would be no relationship between Ethiopians and Eritreans ever. It is worse than that; according to Woyane Ethiopians never existed but a creation of Amharas. What went wrong with Woyanes to pretend they are speaking as nonexistence Ethiopians to tell us the then the angel Isaias Afewerki they worshiped as non-Ethiopians all of a sudden turned a devil to freak them out in the last hour? The last time I checked they were begging behind the seen to make peace with the same man. Even the Prime Disaster Hailemariam told us he was going to travel personally to talk to Isaias Afewerki to make peace.

Poor Woyanes, they still don’t get it; when are they going to understand Ethiopiawinet is more than mindless ethnic warlords running wild lying their ass-off to come to their senses and surrender?

Quite frankly, Ethiopians shouldn’t be surprised with the cultish Woyanes zombies running their mouth. We are better than that and it shows.

As I said before, there is no way out for Woyane and no place to hide but to surrender. It would be wise to do it voluntarily.

Ethiopians are advised not to fall for the latest Woyanes’ scum.

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