Westerns Concerned about Ethiopia for Sake of Geopolitical Interest: Journalist Hermela Aregawi –

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Journalist Hermela Aregawi

Addis Ababa, October 30, 2021 (Walta) –Western global powers are mostly concerned about Ethiopia only for the sake of their own geopolitical interest in the horn region, the Ethiopian-American journalist Hermela Aregawi said.

Hermela Aregawi is an Ethiopian-American journalist reporting for global media outlets such as Aljazeera America, the CBS affiliate in Los Angeles, and the young Turks on current TV, among others.

She has recently been disproving the western media’s bias reporting on nearly a yearlong conflict in Ethiopia.

Hermela appeared on OBN HORN OF AFRICA’s Talk to OBN show and discussed the westerners’ media warfare targeting to defame the Ethiopian government in connection with the conflict taking place in Tigray region in northern Ethiopia.

Hermela, who is also Tigrayan noted the false propaganda of the western media has misled the global community at the very beginning of the conflict including her but now the world is aware of the reality on the ground.

She added that she used to monitor western media at the beginning of the conflict and she was receiving the news as they were but through time she recognized that the news were full of false information fabricated for the sake of supporting TPLF.

TPLF sympathizers tried out all possible ways to rescue the rebel group since day one of the war through their aid agencies and media warfare, the journalist stated.

According to Hermela, parallel to the actual TPLF’s heinous deeds notable western media namely organizations such as The BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera, The Telegraph, New York Times, Financial times, Reuters, The Economist and others have been waging wild media campaign against the Ethiopian government.

Hermela noted that TPLF was serving the western global powers by executing their interests in Ethiopia and the rest of the region during its reign of a quarter of a century. And that is why some super powers send warm affections and blessings to the rebel group by denouncing the federal government.

She believed the harsh decision of Joe Biden administration to impose sanction on Ethiopia doesn’t solve the ongoing conflict; rather it will worsen the situation.

Hermela appreciated the recent press release issued by Congress woman Karen Bass that warned TPLF to pull its forces from Amhara, to end using child soldiers and to give up its alliance with OLA.

She also criticized Joe Biden’s disastrous attempt to ban Ethiopia from taking part in AGOA market. She accentuated that if such sanction is enacted more millions of Ethiopians will lose their job. It was learnt that 80 percent of these victim employees are females. For Hermela this would serve neither the US nor Ethiopia.

According to Hermela, western global powers are mostly concerned about Ethiopia only for the sake of their own geopolitical interest in the horn region.

She stressed that the geopolitical interest and  Dr.Abiy’s persistence in resisting to serve western powers’ interest in the region are the very reasons of the US and EUs’ meddling in Ethiopia’s sovereign affairs.

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