Westerners Urged to Refrain from Siding with Terrorist Organization

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Addis Ababa October  29/2021 /ENA/  Western powers need to be impartial about the situation in Ethiopia rather than siding with the terrorist organization TPLF, Vice presidents of Mizan Tepi and Wollega universities told ENA.

Mizan Tepi University Academic Vice President, Kasahun Mulatu said Western powers should impartially assess the situation in Ethiopia and understand the reality on the ground rather than siding with terrorist groups working to destabilize Ethiopia.

If Western powers want to preserve peace and stability in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa, they should reassess their positions and respect the sovereignty of the country.  

“In fact, they have to support the Ethiopian government to disarm the terrorist group that is purposely trying to destabilize the country and force it to surrender. As to me, there is no ground for the government to sit for negotiation with the group labeled as terrorist organization.”  

The academic vice president stressed that Westerners must understand that the ongoing war and humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia was started with the heinous attack of the TPLF on the National Defense Force, Kasahun said.

Moreover, the terrorist group continued the war and invaded the Amhara and Afar regions while the federal government declared unilateral cease fire and withdrew from Tigray.

As a result, many people have been killed and displaced in Amhara and Afar regions, he noted,  pointing out that siding knowingly and unknowingly with such a group is being an accomplice to a force that supports the destabilization of Ethiopia.

Wollega University Academic Vice President, Melka Hika said on his part the undue foreign pressures, particularly those of Westerners, on the Government of Ethiopia by siding with the TPLF group cannot bring peace to the country rather than aggravating the existing challenges that may destabilize the region.

Melka stressed that he “believes external pressures should be appropriate and balanced which bring lasting  peace and stability. Siding with one party cannot bring peace.”

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