Westerners Take Up Human Rights Issues as Cover Up for Imposing Self Interest on Ethiopia: Scholar

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Addis Ababa, October 22,2021 (ENA) Some Western powers have been raising human rights issues as a cover-up to pressure Ethiopia and impose their interests, a scholar noted.

Speaking to ENA, Addis Ababa University Political Science and International Relations lecturer  Demeke Achiso said some Western powers are taking issues of human rights in Ethiopia as a cover-up for imposing their interests.

The US and its allies do not have a balanced view about the situation in Ethiopia, he noted, adding that they are rather inclined to favor the terrorist group.

“They have used breach of human rights as entry point and cover to impose their national interests. They are prejudiced and selective. They haven’t, for instance, condemned atrocities and displacements in some parts of the country. Instead, they magnify things done by the government so as to make it take weak measures.”

According to the scholar, the Westerners have a strong desire to see a weak state and government that can serve their interests in the region.

However, it seems that they have realized that the Ethiopian government is strong and cannot  be manipulated by foreign powers, Demeke stated, adding that it is because of this that they  pressurize the government with false allegations and support the TPLF clique.

He further pointed out that USA has been weakening a number of states, including Libiya, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, among others, to impose its interests.

Moreover, the US has been pressurizing the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on Ethiopia without any groud. Fortunately, members of the Security Council like Russia and China opposed the motion on the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign states.

“The US interference in the internal affairs of Ethiopia is exposed and it seems that most countries have now understood the unfair meddling of USA. Adherening to international laws and principles of non-interference in the domestic affairs of other states and believing that Ethiopia can handle its domestic problems,  Russia, China, India, among others, have opposed the US interference in Ethiopia’s domestic affairs, ” Demeke noted.

The scholar further stated that the government, besides promoting and enhancing diplomatic relations with the rest of the world, needs to strengthen internal cohesion of the country to avert external pressure and maintain the unity and sovereignty of the country.

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