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January 20, 2021
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Welkite Universtiy is Helping Victims of the Blaze

Girum Tebeje

Welkite University Is Helping Victims Of Blaze

The fire that broke out yesterday night at the Welkite University campus destroyed a dormitory building having twenty eight dorms. About 170 students’ properties are also destroyed in the blaze.

The university’s president Dr. Admassu Shiberu Shibiru told DireTube News that the possible cause of the accident might have connection with an electric problem though it is still been investigated.

He also told that mattresses, sheets, blankets and new dormitories are provided for students whose dormitories are burned down with their belongings.

No disruption on the teaching-learning process. Since the town doesn’t have its own fire fighting vehicle and fire fighters, the Addis Ababa city’s fire fighters have to travel 166 Kms to the town to control the blaze.

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