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Washington DC 2017 Yekatit 12 commemoration event (Rally at the Italian & Vatican Embassies)

The 80th anniversary of Yekatit 12 martyrs day was as usual commemorated in Washington DC area as part of the Global Alliance international campaign. The Washington DC commemoration was conducted in two ways. The first event was carried out in a form of rally at the Italian and Vatican Emassies. The second part was carried out in a form of presentation and prayer service at various Ethiopian Orthodox churches

Rally at the Italian Embassy was held on Friday Feb 17th at 1pm. Placards and pictures were displayed outside the Embassy accompanied by patriotic songs over PA speakers. Two Ethiopians, Ato Fitsum Acahmyeleh and W/t Blain Bekele were selected to meet the Embassy officials in order to deliver the demand letter from Global Alliance and hold discussion with the Embassy officials. The two delegates came out and briefed the rally participants on the discussion and response they received from the Embassy officials. Moreover they also presented the letter they were given by the Embassy official that explains the court case regarding the Graziani monument.

Rally at the Vatican Embassy was held right after the Italian Embassy rally. As it is done every year placards of the demands and pictures as evidence of Vatican’s endorsement of the Italian / Mussolini military mission to colonize Ethiopia were displayed. W/t Blain was able to enter the Embassy and deliver a copy of the Global Alliance demand letter. It is to be remembered that the Vatican Embassy had repeatedly refused to receive the letter during the previous years.

Some pictures of the rally and copy of the memo provided by the Itlian Embassy is attached to this report.
We would like to thank the following media and their staff for making announcements for the event as well as holding public discussions regarding the events both prior to the event as well as on the day of the event.

The Voice of America Amharic Service
Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT)
Nestanet LeEthiopia Radio

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