War never be Win with Western Media Fabrications

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Farah Maalim Mohamed

Addis Ababa October 05, 2021 (Walta) – A Kenyan Politician Farah Maalim Mohamed said that war never be won through western media fabrications.

Farah on his twitter page noted that Westerners keep hoping and waiting for TPLF victory till doomsday; but the fact is TPLF has lost and is only suicidal, he added.

“TPLF caused lots of suffering of civilians in neighboring Regional States of Amhara and Afar however will never ever rule Ethiopia again. I talked to friends in Addis Ababa and people are going to their businesses without any panic. Western media is full of fabrications”, he underlined.

Farah further said that everybody in Europe who witnessed NAZI’s and Hitler gaining in strength over time was worried for future of humanity in their part of the world. Now, TPLF is an African NAZI outfit with Western support. Horn of Africa must come together and defeat fascist TPLF before they cause a massive Holocaust.

He also urged all Ethiopian Regional Forces to repulse TPLF threat jointly and decisively as TPLF forces are trying ravaging parts of Amhara Region.

“Despotism lasts only for a limited period. The fall from grace of TPLF is rock solid lesson for those who abuse power”, Farah added.

According to sources, Farah Maalim Mohamed is a Kenyan politician, and an advocate of the High Court of Kenya. He is a former parliamentarian, the former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya, and has over thirty years of experience on the Kenyan political scene.

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