Vote Republican. Save the Republic!

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Remember, remember the 8th of November 2022, “Save the Republic Day.”

We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth. Other means may succeed; this could not fail. The way is plain, peaceful, generous, just – a way which, if followed, the world will forever applaud, and God must forever bless.” First Republican President Abraham Lincoln, Annual Message to Congress, December 1, 1862

Remember, remember the 8th of November 2022- DD Day- Drive DemocRATS and DemocraTICK Party Outta Congress Day.


It is T-7.

Seven days before DD Day, 11/8/22. “Drive democRATs and democraTICK party outta Congress Day.”

I have been waiting for DD Day since I heard Oklahoma Republican Senator and Son of Ethiopia give a stirring speech on the floor of the US Senate in defense of Ethiopia:

The Ethiopian Government wants nothing more than peaceful resolution of the conflict in Tigray… The [Biden sanction] action puts the terrorist organization, the TPLF, that is a terrorist organization, on equal status with our Ethiopian Government. That is unacceptable. It is wrong. It is outrageous.

On November 8, 2022, midterm elections will be held in the US.

Americans face a stark choice in their darkest hour in forty years.

It is not a stark political choice.

It is emphatically a moral choice!

“Will We the People nobly save, or meanly lose the Republic, the last best hope of earth?”

My answer is unequivocal and categorial.

We must and we will save the Republic on November 8, 2022!

Less than two months ago, I registered Republican to join my compatriots toiling to save the last great hope of humanity.

No, I did not jump to register.

I was pushed.

Beyond the limits of moral endurance!

By Joe Biden, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Antony Blinken, Linda Thomas Greene.

By Senators Robert Menendez, Chris Coons, Ed Markey and Cory Booker, Representatives Gregory Meeks, Karen Bass, Tom Malinowski and other congressional democRATs.

It was Tuesday, September 18, 1787.

It was the last day of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia and the date the delegates signed the final draft of the US Constitution.

Benjamin Franklin, at age 81, the most senior statesman and delegate at the Convention, was brimming with optimism.

He declared, “We hope and believe that the measures recommended by that body will produce happy effects to this Commonwealth, as well as to every other of the United States.”

But Franklin had to field a question.

A lady asked Dr. Franklin Well Doctor what have we got a republic or a monarchy – A republic replied the Doctor if you can keep it.

On November 8, 2022, I ask all Americans, and emphatically Ethiopian Americans, a similar question.

“Will, We the People, nobly save, or meanly lose the Republic, the last best hope of earth?”

My answer is clear and unqualified. “We the People will keep, not lose, the Republic birthed on June 21, 1788!”

Joe Biden announced his presidential candidacy by vowing to restore the “soul of the nation.”

On September 1, 2022, with Independence Hall as the backdrop — that hallowed hall where the Declaration of Independence was approved in July 1776, the Founders of the American Republic debated and wrote the Constitution in the summer of 1787, the Liberty Bell rang and George Washington was named commander in chief of the Continental Army at the start of the Revolutionary War — Joe Biden issued his battle cry once again:

I ran for President because I believed we were in a battle for the soul of this nation.  I still believe that to be true.

“What will profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

“What will profit a nation to gain the whole world but lose its Republic, its very soul?!”

For the past two years, Joe Biden has followed a foreign policy that has diminished the stature of the United States, made America small in the eyes of the nations of the world and spawned deep anti-Americanism.

The catalogue of indignities inflicted on the honor and credibility of America shall be shelved in the Hall of Shame.

Who can forget the botched and humiliating withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in August 2021?!


But it should not surprise anyone. It was in the making for years.

Arizona Republican Senator had warned — indeed prophesied — the American people if Antony Blinken were confirmed as Deputy Secretary of State, he will be a mortal danger to America.

That danger became self-evident in Afghanistan under Blinken’s watch in 2021.

Blinken should have been impeached.

The foreign policy failures of the Biden Administration read like a catalogue of catastrophe:

Humiliating cut and run withdrawal from Afghanistan.
Scamming France on an Indo-Pacific submarine deal.
Botching response to Haitian refugees at the southern border.
Incompetence in managing the America’s Summit 2022.
Exclusion of certain African countries from attending the African Summit 2021.
Inability to get African countries to support the US position on Russia at the UN.
Suffering humiliation in first meeting with Chinese diplomats.
Lack of effective diplomatic response to Russian military action in Ukraine.
Inability to bring Iran to the negotiating table.
Inability to persuade/push for North Korea to denuclearize and on and on.



The foreign policy debacle that occurred in Afghanistan is currently taking shape in Ethiopia under Blinken’s watch.

Since the November 3, 2020 election, Biden’s soon-to-be-top officials including Susan Rice (a/k/a The Princess of Darkness), Antony Blinken (/secretary of State), Jake Sullivan (National Security) and Samantha Power (a/k/a The Queen of Beggars) have waged state terrorism on Ethiopia by supporting the terrorist “Tigray Peoples Liberation Front) (TPLF) resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands people in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is a proud nation of 120 million, and the only African nation that has never been colonized by a European power or any other country.

Ethiopia has the longest diplomatic relations with the US than any African country.

Ethiopia and the US established diplomatic relations on December 27, 1903, when King of Ethiopia Menelik II and U.S. representative Robert P. Skinner signed a treaty of commerce “in order to perpetuate and strengthen the friendly relations which exist between Ethiopia and the United States of America.”

Ethiopians and Americans fought together during the Korean War. Ethiopia’s storied Kagnew Battalion fought side by side with the US Army’s 7th Infantry Division, 32nd Infantry Regiment.

When Somalia was overrun by terrorist jihadists, the US called on Ethiopia to take care of the problem. Ethiopia was America’s No. 1 ally in the fight against global terrorism in Africa.

Today, the Biden administration is the No. 1 supporters of a terrorist group that has vowed to dismantle and destroy Ethiopia come hell or high water.

Ethiopians are perplexed. They ask, “Why do our American friends support openly support terrorists that are hellbent on destroying us?”

The Biden administration’s full support for the terrorist TPLF has aroused anger, hatred, outrage and animosity among the Ethiopian population.

A year ago the month, the Biden administration using the US Embassy in Ethiopia undertook an outrageous propaganda campaign
campaign to urge all Americans and expatriates to leave Ethiopia. Luckily, few heeded the false alarm and left.

Relations between the US and Ethiopia under the Biden administration today are anything but friendly.

The Biden administration, manipulated by the triad — Susan Rice, Samantha Power and Linda Thomas-Greenfield, (or if you prefer to wax Shakespearean, the “Weird Sisters,” “Wayward Sisters” or the “Three Wicked Witches” (Macbeth) – has degraded bilateral relations between the two countries to its lowest point in 119 years!

The Biden administration has

left no stones unturned to help the terrorist TPLF win an outright military victory against the Ethiopian Government in three devastating military campaigns resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths.

mobilized the European Union, the United Nations and certain Western countries to pressure Ethiopia to submit to the demands of the terrorist TPLF demands.

coordinated and organized the Western press-titute media to demonize, stigmatize, ostracize and dehumanize Ethiopians and their democratically elected government.

worked with key members of the US Congress to sponsor punitive legislation to impose crippling sanctions on Ethiopia.

terminated Ethiopia from participation in the African Growth and Opportunity Act regime throwing out tens of thousands of thousands of poor Ethiopians out of work.

imposed various sanctions intended to cripple Ethiopia’s economy and trigger an uprising.

spawned broad and intense anti-Americanism in Ethiopia.

We can make America great again if we commit to an “America First” foreign policy.

The creed of MEGA/MAGA Ethiopian American voters

We believe in Making America Great Again.

We believe in Making Ethiopia Great Again.

America is a great modern civilization.

Ethiopia is a great ancient civilization.

As MEGA/MAGA Ethiopian Americans, we want an American foreign policy anchored in the “America First” foreign policy of George Washington.

In his Farewell Address, Washington urged the American people to avoid political partisanship and entanglements with European wars.

The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible… By interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest, humor or caprice.

“America First” foreign policy has resonated throughout American history.

President Woodrow Wilson, the progressive internationalist, supported and promoted a non-interventionist and nationalist approach to international relations.

President Donald Trump took the idea to the next level by promoting a foreign policy that discarded the whole idea of multilateralism and emphasized bilateral relations.

Trump’s 2017 National Security Strategy of the United States of America declared itself to be “an America First National Security Strategy based on American principles…”

MEGA/MAGA Ethiopian American voters oppose any and all U.S. intervention in Africa, and specifically in Ethiopia militarily, politically or by any manner of economic sanctions.

We reject the idea that America is “a policeman” in Ethiopia or in Africa.

We believe in the principle, “African solutions for African problems.”

We believe in the principle, “Ethiopian solutions for Ethiopian problems.”

We believe in the principle, “American solutions for American problems.”

We support an American foreign policy that is grounded in American principles of reciprocity, free markets, free trade and rule of law.

We shall work to uphold and implement a 10-point Covenant with the Republican party.

  1. Do no harm to Ethiopia.
  2. Strengthen and bolster the bilateral relations between the U.S. and Ethiopia.
  3. Work collaboratively to increase and expand American investments in Ethiopia.
  4. Cutoff U.S. handouts (aid) to Ethiopia.
  5. Help Ethiopia build strong democratic institutions that thrive on the rule of law, accountability and transparency.
  6. Increase American tourism in Ethiopia.
  7. Strengthen US-Ethiopia antiterrorism cooperation.
  8. Support the current democratic and free market reforms in Ethiopia.
  9. Strengthen intercultural and interinstitutional relationships between the U.S. and Ethiopia
  10. Let Ethiopia be Ethiopia. Ethiopian solutions for Ethiopian problems.

MEGA/MAGA Ethiopian American voters are fired up and raring to go.

In November 2021, we helped turn Virginia Red.

On November 8, 2022, we shall help turn Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Arizona Red.

Better Red than sing the Blues!


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