Visits, Appointment of Special Envoys to Horn Show Region is Center of Gravity, Says MoFA Spokesperson

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Addis Ababa, March 17/2022 /ENA/ The visits and appointment of Special Envoys of USA, UK and China to the Horn of Africa clearly indicate that the Horn of Africa in particular and Africa in general are center of gravity, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

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In his biweekly media briefing to journalist today, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dina Mufti said three special envoys of different countries have so far been assigned to the Horn of Africa.

The Chinese Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa visited Ethiopia recently, he noted, adding that  US Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa did same and the UK has appointed special envoy to the Horn of Africa.

“This indicates that the region has become the center of gravity in Africa in general and the Horn of Africa in particular. The reason a country sends a special envoy is because there is interest in that area. The latest special envoy is related to this, ” the spokesperson stated.

Chinese Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa met with Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen where he was briefed about the current situation in the country, it was learned.

Demeke applauded the existing strategic partnership between Ethiopia and China and expressed gratitude for the constructive support given by the Chinese government to Ethiopia on issues like the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, maintenance of law and order, among others.

The deputy premier also appreciated China’s COVID 19 vaccine support.

Demeke furthermore expressed his gratitude for the Chinese support at the UNSC when Ethiopia’s issue was presented to the council.

In addition, he explained the various measures that are being taken by the Ethiopian government  to realize peace in the country.

The deputy prime minister finally affirmed Ethiopia’s commitment to peaceful resolution of the conflict with Sudan by using regular and conventional methods of discussing about border issues.

According to Dina, the special envoy also reaffirmed China’s commitment in strengthening its

relationship with Ethiopia. Besides, he expressed the commitment of Chinese government to support countries in the Horn of Africa in realizing development, peace and good governance.

Moreover, the special envoy expressed the commitment of Chinese government to support the rehabilitation process in Ethiopia.

On the other hand, Foreign Affairs State Minister Redwan Hussien and Assistant Foreign Minister of China, Deng Li, have held the second Ethiopia-China political Consultation via teleconference, the spokesperson said.

The two sides exchanged views on bilateral, regional, and multilateral issues of common concern, further pledging to strengthen their Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative partnership.

They also expressed their commitment to further cooperate in international fora, mentioning vibrant cooperation between the two and rejecting unilateral sanctions in the UN Security Council and Human Rights Commission’s sessions that threatened to compromise the territorial integrity and sovereignty of nations under the pretext of Human Rights violation.

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