Victims of Terrorist TPLF Shares Their Horrifying Stories

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December 20/2021/ENA/  Residents of Woldiya town in the Ethiopian Amhara region have revealed massacres committed by the terrorist TPLF militants during the group’s occupation of the town.

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The terrorist group has committed a number of agonizing atrocities on the residents of Woldiya over the past months.

Many have lost their beloved due to the inhuman acts of the terrorist group on innocent residents of the town. Fathers have been brutally killed leaving their children and mother without guardian. A number of people have now are under unbearable grief due to untold  atrocities the terrorist TPLF perpetrated.     

The residents of the town approached by ENA have shared some of the instances of these atrocities.  

One of the residents said that five innocent civilians, who went down the river to fetch water, were summarily massacred by the terrorist TPLF forces in the town.  

The witness added that she saw one of these persons, named Asrat Kebede, mercilessly killed by the TPLF terrorists in public when he was returning with a Jerrican of water to his home.

“I saw everything through the hole of my door. They asked him to stop and drop the water he was carrying. He showed them his ID. They forced him to kneel down. He told them that he is a peaceful citizen who knows nothing. However, when one of the militants said ‘shoot him’ the other one shot bullets. .The same militant ordered the other to shot him again, then they killed the man with three bullets. The man fell down on his face and died in a heart breaking way.”  

The wife of Asrat expressed her grief over the death of her husband,  deep sorrow on her face,  filled with unstoppable tears. She simply said:

“I have no word to tell. I am now a living mortal as I have lost my husband. He was a good person. But I lost him while he was out looking for water. What can I say, we are in a country where a man is killed without his crime!”    

The deceased brother also said on his part that Asrat was a hardworking man devoted to his family,  engaged in metal works for a living to take care his children. “He begged them not to kill him telling them that he is a father of little kids. But they killed him after they made him kneel  down.”

He further said that the militants group “even deprived us to mourn for our losses. We were not allowed to cry and mourn to the loss of my brother who raised me as a mother and father. They used to go to the house where people are mourning for their losses, threaten them to stop crying and prohibit the people to go to funeral. Asrat was not only my brother but he was both a father and mother to me. Every one of the residents in Woldiya know him and how well we were close. The terrorist has generally made my life so gloomy.” he noted.

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