Various Segments of Society Express Commitment to Exert Efforts for Successful Implementation of Peace Agreement

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Addis Ababa November 6/2022/ENA/ Various segments of society expressed commitment to exert efforts for the sustainable and successful implementation of the peace agreement signed between the government of Ethiopia and TPLF as the deal has brought a joint victory for both the country and the entire of people.

Ministry of Peace organized a discussion that attracted religious fathers, leaders of political parties, prominent personalities and artists, to exchange views on the implementation of the peace agreement.

During the discussion, Peace Minister, Binalf Andualem said that war has never always been a solution to problems unless there are compelling circumstances stating that a peaceful alternative is the best instrument.  

He further noted that the conflict has incurred enormous amount of human and material destructions as a nation.  

The agreement reached to peacefully end the conflict in the northern part of Ethiopia has given a great sense of relief to the people and opened historical chapter to reverse the country to the path of development, the minister added.

According to Binalf, the agreement has also provided lesson that African problems can be addressed by the Africans themselves. It will provide a great deal of contribution to end the chapter of war, build national unity and rehabilitate the communities affected due to the conflict.  

He urged all segments of the society in Ethiopia particularly religious institutions, political parties and artists to contribute their part for the sustainable and successful implementation of the agreement.

The restoration of war-torn areas, returning the affected communities to their normal lives and strengthening people to people relations demand a concerted efforts and hard work by providing supports in terms of finance, ideas and knowledge, the Minister said.

Binalf stressed the need for all Ethiopians to stand together in order for this agreement to be translated in to practice and bring the intended goals.  

The participates said for their part that the agreement is a big opportunity that created sense of joy, relief and triumph to the people who had been suffering due to the conflict.

They expressed commitment to exert efforts with a view to strengthen the people to people relations instead of hatred and contention.

Lilay Hailemariam pointed out that “there is a lot of hopes and joy in Tigray now based on the information I got this morning regarding the current situation in Tigray.” He urged politicians, intellectuals and religious fathers to work hard to address the problems in Tigray now.

Aregash Adane for her part said “even if there is loss, a lot of work is required from us so that the peace agreement can be implemented to the end in order to ensure the peace of the people and the country by avoiding our speculative mentality.”

Religious fathers said for their part that the agreement, reached to end the war in a peaceful manner, is big news noting that they have been praying and preaching peace for the country and its people.

The religious fathers stated the agreement signifies the fact that all forces surrendered for peace pointing out that the victory is not for one side but it is the victory of the country and its whole people as it brought relief and healing to Ethiopia.

The religious fathers and institutions have vowed to exert rigorous efforts in order to implement the agreement.

Politicians who have participated in the discussion has described the agreement as milestone as it provides relief to the country and makes all parties beneficial expressing their readiness to stand with the government in its efforts to rehabilitating areas and communities affected by the conflict.   

Chairman of Ethiopian Political Parties Joint Council, Mebratu Alemu said “I strongly believe that the agreement will provide benefit to all political forces in the country. Unless they are the historical enemies of Ethiopia, no one can be against the deal. Anyone who is against peace is evil.”  

 “we sincerity support this peace agreement and ready to work with the government to bring a stable political situation and development in the northern part of the country,”  member of the joint council, Chane Kebede said.

Aregawi Berhe stressed that “There are a lot of attitudes that have been instilled in to our people from various sides. Some of these attitudes are polarized and very extremists which are terrifying and anti-peace. This has to be curbed as it is also one of the tasks required to building sustainable peace.”

The participants have stressed the need to establish accountable and transparent institutional mechanisms in the efforts to support communities affected due to the war besides the activities to be carried out with a view to sustainably implement the peace agreement.

In their responses to the participants, Minister of Peace, Binalf Andualem and Minister of Defense, Abreham Belay said the government has been exerting efforts to peace even before the war.  

They said that following the deal various committees have been set up and institutional arrangements have been put in place in order to make the peace agreement practical urging all Ethiopians including the media and artists to promote peace with a view to successfully implement the agreement as peace is vital instrument to the future of Ethiopia.

Minister of Peace stressed “Now is the time to act.  Now is the time for peace. Now is the time for change. Now is the time to provide support to the victims, to heal them from their wounds and show them their bright future. And these things demand action.”

Minister of Defense, Abreham for his part stated that “we have immediately stared work without spending time as the commitment of the government for peace is unique. Various ministerial committees and arrangements have been set up to respond to issues you have just raised including issues such as economic, rehabilitation, reconstruction and resource mobilization.”

It is indicated that similar public discussions will continue in various parts of the country.

In his address extended in connection with the peace agreement, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the two sides have fundamentally agreed that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia is non-negotiable. Both sides have also agreed that the country only needs a national defense force and that is a big victory for Ethiopia.

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