Utilizing Local Wisdoms in Nat’l Dialogue Will Help Ethiopia Settle its Affairs: HPR Standing Committee Chair

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Embracing local wisdoms in national dialogue will demonstrate the capacity of Ethiopians to settle their internal issues without any external intervention, House of People’s Representatives (HPR) Legal, Justice and Democracy Affairs Standing Committee Chairperson Etsegenet Mengistu said.

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The House of People’s Representatives approved the draft proclamation for the Establishment of National Dialogue Commission with A majority vote on Wednesday.   

Pursuing a national consensus through inclusive national dialogue was one of the commitments the government pledged when it was elected in the 6th national election.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Etsegenet Mengistu, Chairperson of Legal, Justice and Democracy Affairs Standing Committee of HPR said the approval of the proclamation has huge significance to pave the way to realizing the ongoing reform as a national dialogue is crucial to find lasting solutions for internal affairs.    

“Our strong cohesion is crucial to build stronger Ethiopia globally. The national dialogue will send strong message to the rest of the world that Ethiopia has still wisdom in its hands to resolve internal challenges,” the chairperson underscored.   

Stating her hope that the commission will be operational soon, Etsegenet said the national dialogue will also send a message to the rest of the world that Ethiopia will never need any intervention in resolving its internal affairs within its territory.

“It is obvious that we have faced internal challenges. There is no imported solution for our internal problems. The solution is within us. We are the ones who can find lasting solutions and settle our problems,” she noted.   

Some international actors have launched unwarranted pressure and unjust intervention on Ethiopia on the pretext of humanitarian aid and human rights, combining their efforts in disseminating  fabricated disinformation.   

“We have to reiterate to the international community that we have the wisdom to resolve internal challenges. We have to reaffirm to the rest of the world that Ethiopians are free people who have the capacity to resolve differences and reach consensus on national affairs,” the chairperson noted.  

Etsegenet added that “Ethiopians will never give up, no matter what. The history and strong spirit of our patriot forefathers is still in our hearts. So they have no ground to snatch our inherited heroism from us.”    

Maintaining strong cohesion is the one and only way for Ethiopians to resolve challenges, either from internal traitors or external actors.  

“If we stand together, the challenges that we are facing now are easy to solve. The key is in our hands. We can overcome these challenges in a short period but it needs our strong commitment and urgent action as well,” she further elaborated.  

The establishment of the commission will pave a way for national consensus and keep the integrity of the country.

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