USA Wants to Snatch Power from Democratic Forces in Ethiopia: Washington DC based Sputnik Correspondent

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Addis Ababa December 14/2021/ENA/ The United States of America has no intention of actually negotiating any meaningful lasting peace in Ethiopia, but wants to divide the country and take power away from the democratic forces, a Washington DC based Sputnik correspondent told Ethiopian News Agency .

The correspondent, Wyatt Reed, noted that “there is no good faith behind the US. They do not have any intention of actually negotiating any sort of real meaningful lasting peace. What they want is to favor the TPLF, despite still seeming to be impartial.”

According to him, what the US wants to do is generate as much power as it can for the ethnic nationalist TPLF group. So that the American government can have it as a wedge to be able to divide Ethiopia in the future and take power away from the democratic forces.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, he stated that even if Ethiopia has never been colonized, unlike all of its neighbors, the US and some European nations now want to put Ethiopia under neocolonialism.

Reed added that the West is finding a particular group that seems to work well with their interests and put them into a situation to really manage their benefits on their behalf. In that way, it becomes a more effective form of colonialism.

A trigger point for renewed US and Western support to TPLF is following 2018 while Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea made a tripartite agreement in the Horn of Africa by collaborating independently. That was the first independently negotiated peace and cooperation deal on the African continent, he explained.

“That’s absolutely the case. That’s what is happening in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. That’s what is happening in the ongoing efforts to destabilize Ethiopia,” the correspondent underscored.

Wyatt stressed that these powers want to institute a puppet regime in Ethiopia that will carry out the actions that they see is more beneficial to the interests of the Empire to meet the demand of their weapon manufacturers, large conglomerates, big pharmaceuticals and big tech, among others.

Noting Africa’s incredibly riches, especially in terms of resources, he elaborated that the West sees countries in the continent increasingly turning away from the US as China is arising now. That means they have a better deal.

The correspondent pointed out that Ethiopia’s case is sort of pretty analogous to the situation that had happened in the cold war where the Soviet Union came onto the stage and all of a sudden countries in the global South were able to get a better deal.

 “I think most of what we see from the State Department in terms of Ethiopia, when they say that they are concerned about the actions of the TPLF is a lot of nonsense. Frankly, I don’t think that they’re particularly concerned about the actions of the TPLF.”

The leaked video footage of the zoom meeting which included former US Ambassador to Somalia Donald Yamamoto and former Chargé d’Affaires ad interim to Ethiopia, Vicki Huddleston, meant all sorts of high ranking EU officials show openly that they provide support and green light that is unacceptable, Reed underlined.

He asked what the high ranking TPLF member meant by a transitional government. “What is a transitional government? It means a government that is not elected by the people, but put in place by other bodies to take a shared power. That’s what a transitional government would mean in this case.

Exposing the ploy, the correspondent mentioned as an example what happened in Venezuela when they talked about the so-called transitional government of Juan Guido, who was never elected. “They still want to create a transitional government by taking the country away from the democratically elected legitimate government; and put in place a puppet regime that will represent the interests of the Empire.”

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