US Policy Towards Ethiopia, Horn of Africa Fails: Geopolitical Analyst

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January 03/2022 (ENA) The US government’s misguided stance on the current situation in Ethiopia proves the failure of the Biden administration’s foreign policy towards the Horn of Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular, Pakistani geopolitical analyst Sajid Nadeem said.

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In an exclusive interview with ENA, the analyst said Ethiopia has been an important country in the Horn of Africa in terms of ensuring peace and development.

However, the incumbent US government’s position on Ethiopia  in relation to the current conflict in the norther part of Ethiopia doesn’t consider the country’s long standing key role to the peace and development in the region as well as the very reality, the existing situation.

As a result of  its hasty actions, neutrality and impartiality, the US is losing its important ally in the Horn of Africa, he said.     

‘’The US policy is failing in the horn. You see that Ethiopia was an ally of the US. The US has lost its ally, Ethiopia. The US foreign policy in Ethiopia has failed, it is not working. US cannot maintain its neutrality its impartiality to mitigate the Tigray conflict.’’

He further stated that the US doesn’t really care about democracy and human rights, as long as its interests are fulfilled. This is what the US is trying to meddle in the affairs of Ethiopia and the Horn in general.  

‘’Democracy is not criteria for the intervention, for  the US has been supporting dictators too, so that they are just here not for upholding democracy, rather they have their interests, they want to have their influence in the horn of Africa and in Ethiopia as well,’’ he said.

The important thing is that they do not have any space available for intervention, the Pakistani geopolitical analyst added.  

If policies in the western are not in support of Africa, then Africans should have their own bodies  like African Union, and IGAD that should be alternatives to address African issues, he suggested.

The analyst said that TPLF will never come to rule Ethiopia again as its days are gone and has been rejected by the people of Ethiopia.

The analyst also stressed the need for African nations to shun chances of foreign interventions by strengthening their ability to tackle challenges and creating effective and democratic continental institutions.

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