74.17 F
Washington DC
June 14, 2021
Satenaw Ethiopian News/Breaking News

Urgent message to my friends in Greater Seattle Area!!!

Leaked from Seattle area TPLF support group

A small group of camera men are organized to capture today’s “Balageru Birra (former Dashin Beer) ”/Aster Aweke’s concert event and use as a propaganda tool for in country (Ethiopia) TPLF members’ morale enhancement. Every TPLF support group members from the greater Seattle area are given an assignment to capture a picture of every individual entering the hall and will be used to show how many Diaspora supporters they have.

Meanwhile, there is greater feared among innocent individuals who unknowingly bought a ticket as there might be clash between highly organized massive opposition group members and TPLF support groups.

Be away from silent dog and still water!

Don’t put yourself in danger.


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