UNHRC Neutrality Under Question Mark, Institution Political Tool: GCS

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Addis Ababa December 15/2021/ENA/ The decision of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to hold a special session on Ethiopia this Friday puts its neutrality into question and is a confirmation that the institution is a political tool, according to Government Communication Service (GCS).

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Briefing journalists today, Government Communication Service State Minister Kebede Desissa said this is a politically motivated move which deliberately ignored the efforts of the Government of Ethiopia and the reality on the ground.

Although some human rights abuses were reported in Tigray and investigated, the meeting should not have taken place while the government is considering the recommendation of the joint investigative team and taking remedial actions, he added.

According to the state minister, the government welcomed the findings of the UN-EHRC joint investigation report released on October and established a High-Level Inter-Ministerial Task Force to implement the recommendations therein.

Despite this, Kebede noted that the meeting has been requested by some quarters to serve the interests of certain governments and shows that the institution is under the influence of those governments which Ethiopia strongly opposes.

Even if several African countries are represented in the United Nations Human Rights Council,  the unwillingness of all the African countries to take part in the meeting shows that foreign intervention is not only a problem of Ethiopia but also Africa, Kebede stressed.

The state minister revealed that the UNHRC remains silent on the horrific human rights abuses committed by the terrorist TPLF in the Amhara and Afar regions.

The terrorist group has destroyed 2,813 health institutions and over 2,000 schools in Amhara region only, he stated, adding that the World Health Organization and UNESCO have failed to condemn the destruction of the facilities and chosen to remain silent.

According to Kebede,
the #NoMore Movement in almost all the continents has echoed Ethiopia’s refusal
to entertain any undue interference in its domestic affairs, and it has evolved
into a movement against neocolonialism.

The people and
Government of Ethiopia are grateful to all who have been providing support for
them and the movement, he added.

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