UNDP Vows to Support Ethiopia in Rehabilitation, Building Lasting Peace

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Addis Ababa (ENA) December 20/2022  The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) stated that it would support Ethiopia in building lasting peace in addition to the rehabilitation of the conflict-affected areas.

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In an exclusive interview with ENA, UNDP Ethiopia Resident Representative Turhan Saleh said the peace agreement would create opportunity for the country to turn its face toward development.

“Without peace you cannot have development at the same time; without development you cannot have peace. We have to recognize that,” he noted.

UNDP is hopeful that peace is taking hold in Ethiopia, the resident representative said, adding that this is Ethiopia’s moment to breakthrough, and to achieve level of development.

“We invest directly in private enterprises, in job creation through MSMEs. We are going to continue to help Ethiopia so that the future generation of Ethiopia can benefit from it and that can be a big boost to the economy.”

Another thing that is very important for UNDP and also for UN is reconstruction and the national dialogue, the resident representative stressed.

He further added that the government has asked help in the national dialogue.

As UN and the UNDP it is going to be very important because dialogue is very important to addressing structural issues, political issues and other issues in Ethiopia, the resident representative said.

“We are going with Ethiopia all the way through,” Saleh affirmed.

UNDP will continue to offer Ethiopia the knowledge, expertise, experience from other countries like Bangladesh, China, Korea and others to Ethiopia.  

“We will continue to do that advice, knowledge sharing and experience.We also play a big role in UNDP in building institutions whether they are economic institutions, the governance institutions whether the regional government, federal government; we can play a big role in building the capacity of Ethiopia’s institutions,” he finally pointed out.

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