UN Needs Swift Reforms to Avoid its Deep-rotted Political Bias: Researcher

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Addis Ababa December 20/2021/ENA/  The United Nations (UN) needs to be reformed so as to make the institution free of its deep-rotted political bias, a researcher at the Institute for Strategic Affairs Henok Getachew said.

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The United Nations Security Council is expected to hold its 12th session on Ethiopia today as per the call made by the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, France, Norway and Estonia.

Henok told ENA that the frequent meetings of the UN Security Council on Ethiopia show that “the United States and other partners have exploited the structure of the organization for their own political interest”.

He noted that the ultimate aim of the meeting by some Western countries is to achieve their geo-political goals and weaken Ethiopia as the countries are using the international institutions, including the United Nations, as a political tool to impose their political interests on Ethiopia.

The United Nations was founded in 1945 based on the interests of the victorious nations of World War II, he explained.

Citing that the organization had been “the guardian of the political interests of certain superpowers” for the past seven decades, he said the UN system which has more than 190 member states, does not represent current political developments in the world.

The researcher further explained that although the organization was established to promote peace and stability in the world, it is now sadly moving in the opposite direction.

He noted that the previous decisions made by the United Nations, particularly the Security Council, had been a source of instability in Africa and elsewhere in the world.

Stating that some Western countries are using the council to do similar trends on Ethiopia, he stressed the United Nations needs to be reformed to be free of its deep-rotted political bias.

Noting that the reforms should take into account the current political situation in the world and ensure that the voices of the nations worldwide are heard fairly, he said the reform should include the establishment of a fair representation system in the United Nations, particularly in the Security Council.

The movement for Africa’s permanent seat at the UN Security Council should be the main agenda of the African Union and other regional blocs and that African countries should have a common position on the issue, according to the researcher.

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