Ugandan Journalist Advises African Journalists to Stop Parroting Intl Media

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African journalists should stop parroting what CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and Reuters are saying about the continent in general and Ethiopia in particular as it is time to tell people the truth on the ground, a Ugandan journalist said.

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In an exclusive interview with ENA, Plus News Uganda Managing Editor Kungu Al-mahadi Adam said “they (the aforementioned media outlets) have been distorting facts about our home Africa and Ethiopia in particular” due to their planed interest and Africa’s lazy journalism.

The managing editor, who is also Talk Show Host at Baba TV and Radio 4 Uganda, added that  following his visit to the devastations committed by the designated terrorist TPLF in Amhara and Afar regions he is disappointed by African journalists.

Adam said “we have given chance for outsiders, people who do not stay in our home, to tell the world about what is happening in our home.”

They have consequently decided to tell the story the way they want to, the journalist stated, adding that “they have distorted all facts about our home Africa and Ethiopia in particular. They have told lies.”

He warned that what the outsiders are telling is not true. But we are keeping quiet; and what we do is simply parroting what the outsiders are saying about us.

“What CNN is saying about our home, Africa, and Ethiopia is what we are parroting. For example, the stories of there is ‘genocide in Tigray’ and the rebels are just outside of Addis Ababa are based on what CNN has reported,” Adam noted.

But “why do we become so lazy and cannot tell our own story to our people?” he asked.  “I am so disappointed in the way African journalists keep quiet.”  

The managing editor stressed that African journalists should get out of lazy journalism and seek own information.

“What brought me here to Ethiopia is to first witness what is happening. We should stop parroting. We should stop echoing what CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and Reuters are saying. Let us tell the truth. Let us uphold our professional ethics,” Adam stressed.

He advised African journalists to first come to Ethiopia, stop reading and amplifying whatever the so-called international media as they are not professional and telling the truth.

“Finally, I want to thank the people of Ethiopia who have opted to show to the world — however much we are interrupted by the international community, we stand firm with the administration of this country. We are standing with the truth,” the managing editor underscored.

The journalist praised Ethiopians for the extraordinary #NoMore movement and the successive demonstrations at the Meskel square alongside joining the national army against neo-colonialism.

Adam said, “Thank you so much the people of Ethiopia. I am proud as a pan-Africanist. Your voices have been heard, that is why we are here to stand with you in solidarity. So, keep pushing. In fact you made me so proud as an African. This country was not colonized because of your great fathers.”

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