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April 13, 2021
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Two top TPLF’s military officers surrendered to National Defense Forces – Ministry of Defense – Mereja.com

Two top military officers who were loyal to the rebellious Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) have surrendered to the National Defense Forces of Ethiopia, according to Ethiopia’s senior military officer.

The surrendered and retired members of the national defense army, Maj. Gen Mohamed Esha and Brig.Gen Mulugeta Berhe, were the ringleaders of the attack that the TPLF force had committed against the north command of the national defense force, Major General Mohammed Tesema, National Defences Force Indoctrination Director-General has said.

It is recalled that the National Defense Forces killed or captured several leaders of TPLF in what the government called it law enforcement operation in the region. The fate of the region’s president Deberetsion Gebremichael and several generals is not known.

The current situation in the region is largely reported along humanitarian lines. From the thousands of Ethiopians that fled the region to neighboring Sudan and the humanitarian assistance being delivered by the federal government and aid groups.

Late November, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared the operation in Tigray was over with the capture of the regional capital Mekelle by federal forces.

The ease with which Mekelle was taken was seen by analysts as a voluntary withdrawal by the TPLF leaders.

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