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Traffic from Eritrea Causing Fuel Shortages in Tigray

October 13, 2018 – The re-opening of borders between Ethiopia and Eritrea has created fuel shortages in major towns of Tigray, according to the Reporter.

Traffic has increased significantly, according to Tigray Urban Development, Trade & Industry Bureau. On average some 1,000 vehicles are said to coming to Tigray daily, with the figure sometimes going up to 2,000, according to the report.

Due to price differences and availability issues, drivers coming from Eritrea would like to fill up their vehicles in Tigray, causing shortages, especially in towns that do not have many gas stations.

The vehicles mostly are automobiles, few freight vehicles as well as public buses.

Each vehicle is estimated to need and fill up 400 liters or more per day.

The shortage is especially acute in Mekelle, Adigrat, Axum, Wekro and Adwa.

“The problem needs a solution,” Daniel Mekonne, deputy head from Tigray Urban Development, Trade & Industry Bureau told The Reporter.

Ethiopia and Eritrea normalized relations a few months ago, ending two decades of hostilities.

Business, diplomatic relations, and openborders resumed shortly. Since the border opening there has been an exodus of Ertirean migrants crossing to Ethiopia for various reasons, but mainly due to limited opportunities, the indefinite national service, and other issues.

Source: Reporter

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