TPLF Trojan Horse of West to Destabilize Ethiopia, Horn of Africa: Senior Somali Diplomat

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A senior Somali diplomat said terrorist TPLF is a Trojan horse of the US and its Western allies to destabilize Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

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In an exclusive interview with ENA, the senior Somali diplomat Professor Shafic Yusuf Omar revealed that the terrorist TPLF group used to interfere in the internal affairs of many neighboring states, including Somalia, when it was in power.

“Western countries have been supporting the TPLF because the group is a Trojan Horse that benefits them not only in Ethiopia but also in the East African region. For instance, TPLF used to interfere in my country, Somalia, both militarily and politically. It used to meddle even  in the election of the country,” he noted.

The diplomat at Somalia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that the removal of TPLF from power   by the unprecedented civil disobedience in Ethiopia has contributed for the relative improvement of peace in Somalia and a better diplomatic ties with Ethiopia.

“Now we are strengthening ties with Ethiopia and opening our eyes for more diplomatic, political and economical partnership,” he said.

According to him, the US and some Western countries have been giving all the necessary support to the terrorist TPLF that provoked and carried the was in the northern part of the country.

The group is instrumental in creating enmities among countries in the Horn of Africa region.

“TPLF is a proxy war agent from the West assigned to not only destabilize Ethiopia but also East Africa. They are not fighting for Ethiopia. Had they been fighting for Ethiopia, they wouldn’t have destroyed churches, schools and other critical infrastructures in the Amhara and Afar regions they had occupied? For me, this is unacceptable by any means. TPLF is here to fulfill only what the West wants.”   

Explaining the motives of the pressure and the ongoing media intimidation against Ethiopia, Professor Omar pointed out that this is due to the leadership under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed which is seeking strong political and economic integration in the region.

This attempt for integration seemed to create discomfort in the foreign powers and they are demanding the creation of a puppet leadership in Ethiopia, he added.

“I think the Western powers have been intensifying their pressure because they do not want to see the attempt of IGAD member countries to integrate and get transformed into a regional power that would enable Africans to make decisions to control their destiny.”

However, Ethiopians at home and abroad are taking big steps to thwart the orchestrated war and the tremendous pressures on their country, the senior diplomat noted.

“The good news is Ethiopians are doing a good job. Especially, the diaspora have been taking big steps that could be exemplary in the modern neo-colonial struggle against the Western powers. I think this is a great step for the unity of Ethiopia.”

Professor Omar particularly appreciated the #NoMore movement which has brought about tangible results that enable the entire world to realize the orchestrated conspiracies of the West and the baleful narratives against Ethiopia.

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