TPLF Sacrificing Multitude of Tigrayan Youth to Disintegrate Ethiopia: Tigray Democratic Party

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Addis Ababa November 2/2021 (ENA) The terrorist TPLF is sacrificing multitude of Tigrayan youth by using them as human waves meet its goal of disintegrating Ethiopia, Central Committee member of Tigray Democratic Party Hailemariam said.

The group also uses children of the masses as cannon fodder while their children are studying aboard, Hailemariam Hiluf added.

The terrorist TPLF has now invaded the Amhara and Afar regions with influx of child soldiers and is commiting unimaginable attrocities.

During its armed struggle and years in power, the terrorist group had plundered the country’s resources by collaborating with foreign enemies who do not want Ethiopia’s existence.

The embezzled money is currently used to finance agents and pay for tuition of their children.

The leaders of the terrorist group are getting their children educated in Europe and the United States with the wealth they have looted from Ethiopia, but scarificing children of the poor, he elaborated.

Hailemariam who served under the Interim Administration of Tigray during the law enforcement operation exposed the leaders of the terrorist TPLF for putting the children of Tigray in the war.

He stressed that the international community should be aware of the terrorist group’s war crimes that puts children and youth in battle fronts.

It is to be recalled that the daughter of the terrorist TPLF military head, Tsadikan Gebretensae,  recently graduated from Boston University, USA. Children of most of the other leaders are also  aboard getting educated at expensive foreign universities.  

According to Hailemariam, Tigrayans who oppose the terrorist group intentions are killed and   those who escaped have been subjected to persecution.

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