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TPLF is preparing to eliminate Ethiopia’s main opposition party UDJ

The TPLF security apparatus within the ruling junta in Ethiopia has decided to eliminate the main opposition party, Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ), ahead of the May 2015 elections, according to Ethiopian Review sources.

The TPLF security, over the objection of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and others, has created a new UDJ made up of its spies and ordered the election board, which is an extension of the TPLF security, to outlaw the real UDJ.

The pretext used by the election board to ban UDJ is that it has splintered into two groups. The fact is that the so-called splinter group is about 10 individuals who were recruited by TPLF to create such a scenario. It is the same tactic TPLF used to dismantle CUD (aka Kinijit) in 2005. In Kinijit’s case, TPLF arrested all of its leaders and appointed some bum named Ayele Chamiso as its chairman.

The election board has said that unless the two groups come together by next Tuesday as one party, it will make a decision whether the party will participate in the upcoming elections.

This week, UDJ went to court, but the judges refused to hear their complaint. Running out of options, yesterday the UDJ leadership has called a public rally in Addis Ababa and other cities for this coming Sunday. The ruling junta responded right-away on the state-run TV by announcing that the rally is illegal.

After next Tuesday, UDJ may cease to exist as a “legal” party unless domestic and international pressure convinces TPLF to back down.

The decision to ban UDJ is made by Debretsion Gebremichael, Getachew Assefa and the other members of the TPLF security apparatus. If the US and EU really want to see free elections in Ethiopia, why not impose sanctions against these individuals such as travel ban and threaten to freeze their assets they looted out of Ethiopia? Not a chance as long as Susan Rice, the mother hen of African dictators, is in the White House as a national security adviser.

Over the past several months UDJ has been able to expand into several cities and towns through out the country, becoming a major threat to TPLF, the core group in the ruling junta, EPRDF. At the same time, PM Hailemariam and some leaders in OPDO and ANDM have been warming up to UDJ because of the non-confrontational style of its leaders. Many of Hailemariam’s cabinet members have cordial relations with UDJ leaders.


Source:: ethiopianreview

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