TPLF Not Genuine for Peace Talks, Solve Problems of Tigray People: TDP

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Addis Ababa August 1/2022/ENA/ The TPLF terrorist group does not want genuine peace talks for solving the problem of Tigray people, officials of Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) said.

In an exclusive interview officials of the party held with ENA on current situation in the country, they appreciated the government’s commitment to solving the problems in Tigray peacefully.

It is to be recalled that the government of Ethiopia has recently announced its readiness for peace talks with TPLF anytime and anywhere without preconditions.

Public Relations Head of Tigray Democratic Party Mulubirhan Haile said that currently, Tigray Region is under severe oppression by the TPLF which rejected the demand of the people Tigray for development and progress.

As long as TPLF is there, the problems and sufferings of the people of Tigray will not be solved, he said, adding that TDP will fight to end the sufferings of the Tigray people and the society has to struggle as well by establishing different organizations.

If we ask why TPLF uses this peace process, it is to buy time, he said, adding that from this point of view, peaceful talks with TPLF will not be effective.

Mulubirhan further said that  they (TPLF group) are giving us homework— trying to impede the country’s effort of strengthening its foreign relations.

If TPLF had the attitude of solving problems through peace process, there would be no war, he stressed.

The head noted that before the war broke out, priests, mothers and elders had traveled to Mekelle and begged and pleaded, but TPLF never changed its stance.

TPLF is an organization that cannot live in peace. The party does not believe that an organization that brags: “our victory is with our muscle” will be genuine to solve problems through peaceful means.”

Peace is very important, especially for the people of Tigray, who have lived in war for many years, he said, adding that “we do not think that there is a problem that cannot be solved through peace process.”

Political Department Head of the Party, Tesfaye Alemayehu on his part said the terrorist group is behaving that it is not interested in a peace option; instead, it is trying to discredit Ethiopia in the eye of the  international community by doing unnecessary things in the name of peace talks.

According to Tesfaye, the TPLF should first ask apologies for the people of Tigray for enormous damages it has caused before they start talks with the people of Ethiopia, and they don’t have to make any preconditions.

“TPLF does not want genuine peaceful options. It is to make us redundant,” he said, adding that TPLF knows no peace process;  it is to play political game.

He mentioned that his party supports the peace option proposed by the government and the government should conduct the peace process carefully.

The TPLF is an organization that has antagonized the people of Tigray with the neighboring regions, he noted.

 The problem of the people of Tigray cannot be solved by a group of bandits, he said, stressing  that the problems of the  people of Tigray must end.

The officials urged the international community to put pressure on this group to come to peace talks and closely monitor that the humanitarian aid properly reaches to the people in need.

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