“TPLF Militants Raped Me By Pointing a Gun on My 3 Years Old Kid” Victim Shares Her Horrific Story

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Addis Ababa December 20/2021/ENA/ This Woldiya town’s woman in the Ethiopian Amhara region, is one of the victims who had been forced by the militants of the terrorist TPLF to receive an extremely terrible treatment.

The woman   revealed horrific inhumane act that was gang raped in front of her 3 years old child threatening by gun by the militant group of terrorist TPLF.

“TPLF’s militants raped me by pointing a gun on my 3 years old kid,” said the woman who was approached by Ethiopian News Agency.

The terrorist TPLF had committed all kinds of crimes including murder and rape in Wolidya town during its occupation of the area by invasion. The atrocities committed have already been manifested as exceptional cruelty of the terrorist group.

The invader terrorist TPLF forcibly raped women in the city, massacred civilians and destroyed public and private properties completely, it was indicated.

This young lady, who is one of the inhabitants of Woliday, is victim of these horrific acts of  the terrorist group that has left deep scar on her and her child.

According to the victim, on the midnight of August 13, 2021, there was heavy rain when a large number of the terrorist’s militant came to a porch of her house.

“The militants told me that they come to my place to spend some time till the rain stops. I was in bed with my three years old kid. There was also a girl from the neighborhood staying with me.

When they asked me that they wanted to get into the house, I refused to open the house. Later one of them asked me for a match and I slipped it under the door. And then later, the militants started knocking on the door shouting ‘open it! ‘We want to check if there was a hidden soldier,’” she narrated the incident.

She begged them to leave her. She told them that she had lost her husband a year ago and that she was living with her three years old kid. But they did not listen to her.

Finally, these forces broke down the door and searched the house. But when they did not find anybody, she noted that they threatened her three years old child to shot in the head with a gun and raped her.

She added that a 14 years old neighboring girl who had come to stay with her  at the time was also taken to a nearby house by the TPLF militants and raped her to by a group of four of  militants.

Her kid is now in a deep scars and psychological traumas. Even he does not sleep at night. “my son becomes frightened whenever he saw someone with a gun and was under psychological pressure,” the young lady stated.

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