TPLF Is Not Trustworthy for Negotiation with Government, Says Former Finnish Diplomat

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June 29, 2022 (ENA) Finnish former diplomat, Simo Parviainen said TPLF is not a trusted group for peace negotiation with the Government of Ethiopia due to its vested interest.

The government has been facilitating the peace efforts by declaring humanitarian truce, releasing leaders of TPLF and showing a great deal of commitment for national dialogue with a view to bring a lasting peace in the country.

It has also been working in collaboration with international partners and provided the necessary humanitarian assistance to the people of Tigray through air and road transport.

However, the former diplomat Simo Parviainen told ENA, despite the government’s numerous efforts for peace, TPLF group has not been demonstrating a clear stand in this regard.

Parviainen stated that the preconditions being forwarded by the group for the dialogue also indicate the true nature of the group that disregards the peaceful settlement of the matter.

The government wants to start the peaceful dialogue and has been working to facilitate unfettered access to humanitarian aid to Tigray region but TPLF is still disrupting the humanitarian operation, he said, citing the recent news about the blocking of humanitarian flights to Mekelle Airport.     

According to the diplomat, TPLF might say that it wants to talk, but you cannot trust anything what they say.   

The group has also been shopping between different international actors in the mediation activity other than the African Union,  Parviainen stated.

He stressed that it is also important to always assume that TPLF will use outside countries for political support to achieve its objective.   

“I don’t think anybody in Ethiopia trust TPLF for their work. Negotiation has to be done to find some sort of common interest. But it is very difficult here because there is no trust. We have to also recognize the fact that TPLF is a movement where violence is one of the political tools and it is using violence as an option,” the diplomat elaborated.  

Parviainen further stated that TPLF is also using the humanitarian aid as weapon in their war efforts.

The international community should act accordingly in this regard as the ongoing destructive acts of TPLF will prolong the suffering of people in the region, he stressed.

He has called on the international community to work with the government of Ethiopia in its effort to bring peace in the country.

It is noted that Gideon Timothiwos, Minister of Justice, told the media recently that the Central  Committee  of Prosperity Party  passed the decision to resolve the war in the northern part of Ethiopia through peaceful talks, stressing that it should be conducted under the facilitation of the African Union.

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