TPLF Inflicted over 1.6 Billion Birr Infrastructural Damage in Amhara, Afar States: Ethiopian Electric Power

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February 9,2022 (ENA) Ethiopian Electric Power disclosed that it has sustained over 1.6 billion Birr infrastructural damage due to the looting and destruction carried out by the terrorist TPLF group in Amhara and Afar regional states.

In his presser today, Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) Communication Director Moges Mekonnen said over 23 million USD is needed to permanently rehabilitate the damage.

Some 53.3 percent of high tension voltage transmission lines were severely damaged in the two  regional states, he added.  

According to the director, the mobile sub-station, which used to serve Woldya and its environs, and costed over 200 million Birr was looted by the terrorist group.

Temporary repair works have been carried out in the regions with 29.5 million Birr and power is now restored in most of the places, Moges added.  

However, 23 million USD is needed to permanently restore the high voltage power lines back to normal, it was pointed out.

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