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June 17, 2021
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TPLF controlled group deliberately declared war against #Oromo people

Geresu Tufa

The group that deliberately declared war against #Oromo people and turned the entire region into blood field where the innocent lives massacred every day at their home is pushing the country into dangerous end.

It is a joke to say the least that after they murdered dozens of lives and wounded tens of innocent people at their home/village, they issue a non-sense statement of apology.

Those who should be responsible are not those foot soldiers who are committing the crimes, it is Samora and Getachew Assefa who are in control of the structure and commandship of killing machine and ordering the killing in order to sustain the domination of one group.

We shouldn’t die at our village and home in order to sustain the security and economic apartheid of one group. Everybody should be aware that the violence would have consequence.

It would have serious consequence where no one would be a winner. This must be stopped.

Those who are celebrating the SOE as if its consequence only affect Oromo or those who are complicit with the action of the regime should take note that the danger would affect everybody at end.

The fact that TPLF controlled temporarily the structure and hardware of violence shouldn’t mislead those who are celebrating or complicit with the crime, that status quo would remain unchanged forever.

It would be advisable to stop before we are fully ended into the vicious circle of incessant violence.

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