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TPLF clandestine meeting discussed how to win the war, independence

TPLF plans to exploit strategies that weaken Ethiopia via ethnic based violence. It also sees a post Isaias Afewerki Eritrea where administration is based on ethnicity 

TPLF _ Ethiopia _ Eritrea


A report by Ethiopian state owned media, Ethiopian Press Agency, on Tuesday revealed what it said was a six-days long clandestine meeting by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leaders from in and  outside of Ethiopia.

It is said to be a Zoom meeting, and some TPLF leaders (Kidane Amene and Mehari Yohannes) who are taking part in what is now taking a guerrilla war shape attended it. 

Internal and external political efforts to ensure that Tigray is an independent country, and how “Tigray” [ TPLF addresses itself as Tigray] can win the war were among the key agenda items during the meeting, according to a report by Ethiopian Press Agency. 

Furthermore, the six days long meeting has reportedly discussed several strategies which TPLF deemed important to achieve the political objectives – independent Tigray. 

The strategies focus on instigating inter-ethnic violence  in different parts of Ethiopia and also transforming ethnic Tigray nationalism along radical lines. 

Addis Ababa is included in the strategy. TPLF envisions to incite radical ethnic Oromo nationalists exclusive claim of the city – “Finfine Kegna” ( an oromigna phrase to mean Addis Ababa ours). The meeting reportedly discussed that ethnic Tigreans have to support radical Oromo nationalist claims to make the city part of the Oromia region. 

Accentuating conflict between Afar and Somali ethnic groups is also among the strategies, as per the report by EPA. TPLF’s plan intended for Afar is broader. It aims at creating an existential threat by opening war from Tigray. That coupled with worsening attacks from Somali would compel Afar to seek support from Afars in Djibouti and Eritrea. 

With regard to ethnic Somali, it seeks to instigate “the Greater Somalia” project. 

The EPA report indicated that TPLF has plans to aggravate disputes over land between ethnic Tigray and Amhara, Tigray and Afar and Tigray and Eritrea.

Regarding Eritrea, the plan aims at creating a sense of anger among ethnic Tigreans in Tigrary by pulling the issue of Bademe. Furthermore, TPLF sees a post Isaias Afewerki Eritrea where ethnic Tigray nationalist could usurp power – and TPLF will facilitate it (EPA report on the leaked meeting indicates!).

Not just that, TPLF also aims to strengthen relationships with Egypt and the West as part of its strategy to effect the birth of Independent Tigray. 

So far, the TPLF leadership based in the Diaspora has not yet remarked over the report. 

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