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TPLF Cadres Brought Unsubstantiated Claim to the Attention

While the TPLF Cadres Brought Their Unsubstantiated Claim to the Attention of the World in Three Months, the Amara Intellectuals Fail to Call the Well-Documented Amara Genocide by Its Name for More Than Forty Years!

According to the Ethiopian government, at least 45 people were in September, killed by groups of armed youths targeting Amharas in Benishangul.

by Belayneh Abate

If you fail to produce a noise, do not blame listeners for not getting a response. Unlike the Amara elites, the Tigre People Liberation Front (TPLF) cadres shouted loud together, and it appears they are getting a response. While  TPLF cadres shouted loud and brought their unsubstantiated claim to the attention of the international community, the Amara intellectuals miserably failed  even to call the well-documented Amara genocide by its real  name for more than forty years.

Some Amara intellectuals still stand with the criminals, many others continue their dirty cover ups, and most of them sleep in deafening silence while Amara genocide is intensified in the different regions.

History teaches that no genocide has occurred without active participation of government, and support or silence of intellectuals. The Jewish, Rwandan and Armenian genocides were implemented by rulers, who were supported by intellectuals.

Similarly, the Amara genocide has been implemented by  the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) supported by opportunist intellectuals.  Some of the intellectuals have been actively participating, and most of them have been supporting with deafening silence.

It a fresh memory that some of these intellectuals  supported when  Legesse Zenawi barked “a physist who seeks to  know about what is happening in Bale is no more a physist.”  Majority of them kept silent and continued to eat their  Kitfo when this racist traitor picked up the race hammer and  dismissed 42 indispensable professors from Addis Ababa University based on their ethnic origins. [1] To make the matter worse,  some of them became vocal cadres of Zenawi to take the positions of the dismissed professors and to crush down the voices of students and principled faculty members who stood firm for the unity and sovereignty of the nation.

When professor Asrat established an organization to stop the madness running in the country, many of these intellectuals picked up their knives and forks to eat him alive. While their tongues were bridled to speak against power, they attempted to teach the veteran physician and surgeon [4 ] about human body, race and genes.

Their shamful story did not stop there:   When Legesse’s Ethiopian People Democratic Front (EPRDF) committed genocide and ethnic cleansing on Amaras, they volunteered for him to sell bond in Ethiopia, America, Europe, Canada, Australia, South Africa and many other places. [3-15]

Even the animal pigs grunt in disgust when they foresee omen of slaughter in the communities of pigs. But these elites refused to  breath a word out when Amaras’ bodies were hanged upside down, their legs amputated,  their skins grilled,  their organs sterilized, their ears deafened, and their eyes blinded in infested prisons for nearly three decades.  [3-15]

The Sky has seen these intellectuals consumed the poor people’s scarce resources for their education, but they slept like Canada bears when  the ethnic-based rule of EPRDF displaced  millions, and massacred tens of thousands of Amaras  within the last three years. [16] They continue to live their luxurious lives as if nothing has happened to the very people that fed, hugged, kissed and carried them from cradle to adulthood.

Most of them kept quiet when beasts evicted thousands of Amara university students and kidnapped many of the girls. [17-29]. They  devote their time and money to overindulge their  stomach and acquire material satisfaction in life while the families of the kidnapped students suffer from EPRDF’s ethnic-based Hell of rules.

They continued to hibernate and drink their beer and whisky while Lake Tana and Abay are drying in a speed of electrons. [30-31] Some of them continued to preach about  the damn dam non-stop instead of working hard to save the streams.  They failed to realize no damn dams in the absence of the graceful Blue Nile falls.

Disgusted by the nature of individuals, who came to Earth just to eat and defecate, John Mills once said, “It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied.”  This philosopher of the Enlightenment era was right when he  juxtaposed  glutenous pigs with selfish dudes, who sell their souls  for material satisfaction. Like the story of the pigs, the history of silent intellectuals reads “they lived eating with no conscience and died leaving no traces of footprints.”

Amara intellectuals,  please stop supporting genocide in silence! Call Amara genocides and ethnic cleansings by their names. Work hard and bring the genocide criminals to justice. Otherwise, the physical, cultural, religious, and historical genocide of Amara will continue as long as the different forms of EPRDF and the liberation fronts exist. Thank you .

End Notes:

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11th of March, 202

The Writer can be reached at [email protected]


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