TPLF Attacks Children, Elders Using Heavy Weapon in Kobo Woreda: Victims

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Addis Ababa September 4/2022/ENA/ The terrorist TPLF has attacked children and elders by heavy weapon in Kobo woreda of Amhara region, according to victims and families.

The terrorist group has continued its belligerent acts on innocent people in the Woredas of Amhara and Afar regions where it has started war by rejecting the peace option.    

The group, that mobilized the youth by using its usual human wave strategy, had attacked innocent people in Kobo woreda of Amhara region by heavy weapons several days ago.  

The group attacked houses of the farmers by heavy weapons causing serious injuries on children and elders, it was learned.

The 60 years old Desal Tikuye is one of the victims whose family members have been seriously battered during the heavy weapon attacks carried out by TPLF on his house.

Children, who were herding cattle in the area, have also encountered physical injuries by the attacks, according to the victims and facilities who are currently receiving medical treatment.   

This inhuman act of TPLF demonstrates the fact that the group has no a heart for children as it is deliberately attacking innocent children with heavy weapons while they are herding cattle, they added.

The victims further stated that the damage caused by the terrorist group is a wound that will never be forgotten.

They said that they are currently receiving appropriate medical treatment.

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