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TPLF and OLA are Genociders !! | Ethiopian News | ZeHabesha

 Tedla Asfaw

March 30, 2021

On Al Jazeera Stream today on the killing of Amharas in western Ethiopia, Benishangul Gumuz and Wollega, Awol Kasim  said that those murdered were not selected for being Amharas but they were the casualty of the war between those who wanted to bring back the one language and one religion/Amharas and those who  are fighting for their self determination/Oromos.

According to Awol the Amharas were killed because they were fighting to bring back their past domination. What a hate and shame disguised as international law lecturer.

The good thing is Tedros Terfe destroyed the narration of the “Amharas coming back” from Awol by telling the program followers that Abiy  Ahmed is an Oromo.

The clip of an Oromo Liberation Army on the program warning of the inevitable breakdown of Ethiopia is what Awol is saying and for him the killing of Amharas and ethnic cleansing is not to be condemned as genocide on Amharas rather It is a war of liberation from Amharas.

The other host Zelalem highlighted the Oromo Prosperity (OP) Abyi Ahmed failure of saving innocent Amharas. OP is infiltrated by OLA like TPLF infiltrated the Ethiopian Defense Force. Zelalem lost a good opportunity of exposing OP elements and OLA collusion on the genocide of Amharas.

TPLF and OLA are Genociders !!

Yes, we witnessed Oromo parliamentarians in the parliament displaying their support for OLA on their killing rampage in Amhara kilil Oromo Zone. It is a war of consolidating Oromo Republic on the ashes of Ethiopia.

 OLA  have started war targeting Amharas and ethnic cleansing three years ago and their ally  TPLF opened war in Tigray  five month ago and ended in big defeat. OLA ongoing slaughtering of Amharas is a revenge for TPLF loss.

The Nov. 2020 military operation by EDF and special forces in Tigray to oblitrate TPLF must be repeated in western Oromo Kilil and save lives.

Both TPLF and OLA and their mouthpieces like Awol Kasim and Tsedale Lemma need to be exposed wherever they showed up.They are genocide defenders !!

The ongoing war is between TPLF/OLA and the EDF/special forces to protect Ethiopians from genociders. Cleaning the OP from OLA infiltrators is a priority.

Tigray and Oromo Republic formation after destroying Ethiopia has failed in Tigray and will also fail in  Oromo Kilil.

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