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   TPLF and its 27 years of torture and ill-treatment (Beyene Kebede)

The Tigrayan Nationl Organization (TNO) (ማሕበር ገስገስቲ ብሔር ትግራይ) – later named Tigrayan People Liberation Front (TPLF) (ሕዝባዊ ወያነ ሓርነት ትግራይ) – established by few persons and it has no basic and legal connection with the religious and innocent Tigrayan people. The heroic people of Tigray severely fought the incubation of this looting and robbing immoral kernel.  TPLF, a poison seed, grew like a ghost to bargain the sovereignty of Ethiopia as a commodity. TPLF germinates steadily. It gradually generates a protective seed coat called «Amhara’s People Democratic Party» (APDP), a storage tissue with nutrient reserves called «Oromo People Democratic Organization» (OPDO) and a dormant plant embryo called «South Ethiopian People Democratic Movement» (SEPDM).


As long as there is tyranny, it is obvious that there is arrest, persecution, torch and ill-treatment. Tens of thousands of opponents arrested and killed without trial during 17 years reign of the Derg. Nevertheless, discrimination on grounds of race, language, social origin, and ethnicity had not prevailed. TPLFs 27 years of torture and ill-treatment is unique. The occurrence of torture and ill-treatment in Maekelawi, Qilinto, Ziway, Finoteselam and in all other secret prisons throughout the country was centered on ethnic chauvinism. The motive behind TPLFs genocide, torturing and ill-treatment was to prolong the looting and plundering mechanism of its affiliated trades and industries. Other intentions of-course are high passion of luxury in addition to its wishes to accumulate precious metals and trillions of dollars in foreign banks for their children and families.


As to materialize its biddings, TPLF has assembled African biggest prisons. According to Medias, seven secrete prisons discovered in Addis Ababa. The 2017 Human Rights Report of the United States Government, also wrote that “Prison and pretrial detention center conditions remained harsh and in some cases life threatening”. Gloomy to say it again that thousands of young Oromos and Amharas, activists, bloggers including famous politicians such as Birtukan, Andualem, Temesgen, Eskindir, Habtamu, Reeyot, Dr. Merara, Bekele Gerba, Nigist, Andargachew, Nathanael and many others were humiliated and ill-treated by TPLF cliques. Too many prisoners are also anguishing in Tigray region.


It is very shocking hearing from prisoners that many of them were being torched until they reached in a position to confess that they were members of “terrorist organizations” such as Ginbot 7, OLF, OMN or ONLF. Others were tortured merely for reasons, such as being member of Semayawi Party (Blue Party), All-Amhara People’s Organization (AAPO) or Oromo People’s Congress (OPC). Other tortures perceived against bloggers, journalists, and activists. Honest officials whom were not willing to cooperate with the enormous corruption and looting system of the regime arrested, tortured or murdered.


As we watch the documentary video, it was very shocking hearing victims talking about psychological agonies, beatings and torches using electric devices. Prisoners were facing sexual harassments. Some interrogators were happy touching sensitive parts as a form of mistreatment. Fingernails pulled out by pliers, something anomalous put inside females’ private part and bottles tied in males’ private part. A female interrogator pees on male prisoners without shame. Detainees blindfolded, naked and laid down in forests so that wild animals will attack them. Prisoners deprived of food for periods until they got tired and had no chance but plead guilty. Captives reported that different tools such as chains, wires, ropes were used for controlling as well as diverse stress positions (right and left arm tied above the shoulders, head between legs, crossed position, hung upside down, etc.,) used  during interrogations. Some prisoners relocated to solitary confinement for private investigation, hanged in the upper limit for hours while the interrogator spoke with cell phone with someone or went outside to eat food. The evil interrogator returned after hours to beat the prisoner severely by wooden baton or metallic wire. Prisoner’s bare foot frequently beaten with a tool such as cable stick. They too used hidden cameras during interviews.


As we understood form different views – such big grievances occurred because of torture and ill-treatment directed by TPLF gangs. Habtamu and Temesgen reported having their back highly injured and a large numbered reported fracture to their hands, chests, ribs, pelvis and pains in internal organs such as kidneys and testicles. Some are deaf and are not able to hear voices. Some are becoming infertile due to testicular injuries in the prison. Legs amputated because of severe torture in the custodial. Some cannot walk because of torments. Some wished their lives would end to clear them of the wretched pain. The selected Tigrigna speaking interrogators are without mercy and humanity. Not only international conventions on civil political rights, TPLF violated its own constitution.


Psychological abuse appeared to be a wider practice in TPLF jails. Amhara and Oromo prisoners treated disrespectfully, and subjugated to insults against their ethnic origin. Amharas were called «SHINTAM – TIMIKIHITEGNA – LEHACHAM» and Oromos were called «TEBAB – TEGENTAY» during interrogations conducted by evil servants who speaks none other language other than Tigrigna. In Ethiopia’s Somali region, prisoners were being tortured, raped and starved. Prisoners threatened with death and detained with wild animals, such as hyenas and Tigers. Sleeping arrangements to prisoners reported to be inadequate and unsanitary. Some detainees kept in small, dark, cold, dirty and without window quarters.


Not all can described here in few words. Most of the sufferers though being released – do not want to remember – the psychological and moral pain – the crying and screaming in the prisons. Some lost consciousness and believe that they are still in torch chambers. I may obliged to request the international community to offer those victims psychological treatments. Besides, TPLFs cruelty and maltreatment needs a wide research and study by universities and human right institutions to form an idea to put an end to vindictiveness and cruelty. «TORTURE AND ILL-TREATMENT NEVER AGAIN».


The heroic and innocent people of Tigray should hand over those TPLF criminals and looters who are hiding in Tigray. Any person cannot lay hidden after committing crime. A thief cannot have leisure time after stealing billions and trillions of dollars from starving, naked and vulnerable people.


-Justice for state-sponsored systematic genocide of Amhara.

-Justice for the victims of Meles massacre of 2005.

-Justice for Anuaks and Oromos massacre.

-Justice for all victims of tortures and ill-treatments.


Let God, our Lord, wipe every tears from eyes of victims of pain and blind justice.

God Bless Ethiopia.

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