Tourists Describe Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day as Unique Event to Know Ethiopia

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 December 8/2022 (ENA)  The Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day is a unique event that contributes to knowing very well the culture and values of Ethiopian nations and nationalities, tourists that attended the event said.

Among the tourists who attended the colorfully celebrated 17th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day in Hawassa today, Sufian Ali, stated that it is his first time to come to Ethiopia and attend this ceremony.

“I think this ceremony portrays Ethiopia,” he said.

The tourist from UK added that he was very much happy to see the event. “I have no words to describe my feelings. There is so much energy, so much love; and there is so much happiness. You don’t get anything like this in UK.”

Ali described the day as a day when everybody feels like a family. This is absolutely an amazing festival, he underscored.

Moreover, the tourist pointed out that Ethiopia is a beautiful country with beautiful people that many people should visit. They should visit the country because it’s an amazing place.

The other tourist from Europe, Ahmed Ramadan also said that the festival was very interesting and colorful.  

“Very beautiful people are showing their culture and traditional dancing, which is very important. Currently, many people are losing their tradition and culture. It is (therefore) important to know our culture and promote it,” he added.

Noting that it’s important to understand and respect our root and culture, Ramadan stated that Ethiopia has a very rich history.

The 17th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day brings Ethiopians from all corners of the country together every year.    

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