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June 14, 2021
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Video- Touching documentary Out of 30 adopted Ethiopians, 9 of them are homeless in Seattle

A very touching documentary on adapted Ethiopian children who has become homeless in Seattle and more news that deserve your attention
It seems like these horrible news about Ethiopia and Ethiopians have no end in sight. Before we take care of the mounting political and economic problems already on our plate, new ones are added continuously. Without any fear of being labelled as “pessimistic”, one can confidently and rightly so conclude that Ethiopia is going through one of its darkest, if not the darkest, period of its history. Sometimes, we wonder if Ethiopia is going to make it this time with any hope of revival and restoration.
The latest addition to our saga is the issue of Ethiopians adapted in the US. We all remember how Hana was murdered by her adapted parents in Seattle. Now, it is reported that some of them who are adapted in Seattle are already homeless.
Kirubeal Bekele

adapted Ethiopian children

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