Tigrayans Residing in Addis to Hold Rally that Denounces TPLF, West

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December 04/2021 (ENA) Tigrayans residing in Addis Ababa will hold a rally that condemns the atrocities committed by the terrorist TPLF group in their native region and foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Ethiopia tomorrow.

The rally to be held in Abebe Bikila Stadium is organized by Tigrayans that support the National Defense Force and stand alongside the government, it was learned.

Briefing the media today, the organizers said the people of Tigray have been suffering for a long time now due to the oppression of the few terrorist group leaders and their cohorts.  

One of the rally organizers, Meuz Gebrehiwot stressed on the occasion that the terrorist TPLF group does not represent the people of Tigray.

Tigrayan ancestors paid sacrifices for peace and development in Ethiopia. So, it is difficult to imagine that such a traitorous group would emerge from Tigray.

“The rally is mainly aimed at supporting our defense force and the government. The other agenda is to condemn the TPLF and its cohorts abroad. Therefore, the rally is not organized by a political party. We just came together, ”Meuz stated.

The government is now registering a shining victory over the terrorist group, he noted, calling on  Tigrayan youth to surrender peacefully.  

The other organizer, Tesfaye Alemayehu said the terrorist group has oppressed and abused the people of Tigray since its inception.  

Now, Tigrayans need to calm down and carefully think how they could get rid of the terrorist group and contribute their share towards that end, he added.

Tesfaye called on the people of Tigray, who have rich history and culture, not only to support the national army but also go to the battlefield.

“Realizing that our journey ahead is bright, we have created a platform through which we can contribute our role for the national defense force with all Ethiopians and to condemn the interference of the United States and Europe.”

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