Tigrayans in Addis Ababa Vow to Provide Support to Implementation of Peace Agreement

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Addis Ababa, (ENA) November 10, 2022 Tigrayans residing in Addis Ababa expressed commitment to contribute their role in support of realizing the recently peace agreement signed between the government and TPLF.

The Tigrayans stated that peace is the foundation for everything.

Meresa Kahsay, one of the residents said that the peace agreement will have significant importance in resolving problems through dialogue.

National development and existence can be ensured in the presence of peace, he stated, adding that the peace agreement has given the public a relief.

Youth Kalayu Mehari and Tsiwaye Chide stated for their part that problems can be solved through dialogue and noted that the peace agreement will have paramount role in bringing lasting stability.

They expressed readiness to contribute their part towards the effective implementation of the peace agreement.

Meresa Khasay said “ The peace agreement between the federal government and TPLF has created delight in Ethiopia and the world because it is only in the prevalence of peace that you can have babies, work, wonder to every corner of the country, plan, prosper, and maintain social exchange. I am very happy with the peace agreement and I am ready to contribute my share.”

For Kalayu Mehari the peace agreement is beyond explanation. “My feeling is beyond explanation this is because peace is a breath of life. In the presence of peace everything is available while there is nothing in its absence. Thus, I was very happy when I heard the news about the peace agreement.”

The other resident of Addis, Tsiwaye Chide stated that “Roundtable discussion is powerful than an army and many time transcending achievements are accomplished there; thus, I am delighted. I urged Ethiopians to discharge their due responsibility towards its implementation.”

In addition to that, they called on the people to join forces in rehabilitating and supporting victims of the conflict.

“Everyone has responsibility towards realizing the implementation of this peace agreement. Everyone should get closer to peace, reconcile with oneself, and serve as an ambassador for peace. Every activist, politician, religious leader and every citizen should contribute to the implantation of this peace agreement,” Meresa underlined.

Tsigabu Kobae, who urged all Ethiopians to promote peace said “Everyone no matter where they are should preach about peace. All religious leaders, activists, political institutes, and civic associations should properly preach about the essentiality of peace.”

Stressing the need to do everything for the successful implementation of the agreement, Teka Shishay said “People in the Amhara, Afar, and Tigray regions have witnessed damage and should receive psychological, financial and other support. And everyone should act responsibly and contribute towards the implementation of the signed peace agreement.”

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