Tigrayan Scholars, Youths Urge TPLF to Support Effort of Federal Gov’t in Implementing Peace Agreement

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Addis Ababa /ENA/ December 21/2022 Tigrayan scholars and youth have urged TPLF to show commitment to effective implementation of the peace agreement by supporting the efforts being exerted by the federal government.

Tigrayan scholars and youths have concluded a three-day consultative meeting today.

During their consultation, they discussed the implementation of the peace agreement, the reconstruction efforts in Tigray region and their role in ensuring the country’s development endeavors.  

Defense Minister Abraham Belay said at the conclusion of the meeting that the participants have reached consensus on the encouraging achievements being registered in the political, social and economic spheres due to the national reform.

They  have also agreed to transform the nation and fundamental changes in Tigray region.

The mister urged Tigrayan scholars, the youths and the entire people of the region to strengthen their efforts with a view to bringing change and ensuring development in the region.

Accordingly, utmost efforts will be exerted to strengthen the reform to the benefits of the people by ending subjugation, strengthening pluralism, and promoting peace in Tigray.  

The Government of Ethiopia is diligently working to bring sustainable peace in Tigray and the whole country as well as ensuring prosperity, Abraham noted.

Stressing the need for Tigrayan scholars and youths to support the government’s ongoing efforts, he called on the youths to discharge their responsibilities in enhancing development and peace in the region by freeing Tigray from the vicious cycle of war.

Noting that the government has been implementing the peace agreement with commitment, the minister urged all Ethiopians to tirelessly engage in reconstruction efforts.

The participants of the meeting on their part called on all citizens to support the effective implementation of the national reform in order to benefit all.

Pointing out that they have been able to affirm the commitment of the government to implementing the peace deal, the scholars and youths expressed readiness to stand by the side of the government for the successful implementation the agreement.  

They also vowed to work hard with a view to sustainably ensuring peace in Tigray and enabling  the people to benefit from the national reform.  

In the eight-point resolution they issued at the conclusion of the meeting, the participants expressed their support to the peace agreement and vowed to play their part for the successful implementation of the deal.   

They also called for the implementation of transitional justice and urged the federal government to ensure peace and security in the region by taking over various places, including the regional capital Mekele, as soon as possible as per the peace agreement.  

Noting that the ongoing humanitarian aid delivery is encouraging, the participants also requested the humanitarian aid to be increased.  

They finally urged TPLF to commit itself to the effective implementation of the peace agreement by supporting the efforts being carried out by the federal government.

 They have also called on TPLF to  refrain from acts that breach the agreement.  

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