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Tigray Report by Belgian Professor? | Ethiopian News | ZeHabesha

By Tedla Asfaw

Greeting from former student of Ghent, a post graduate earth science.

From your department, one professor I forget his name, published a military casualties in Tigray, Ethiopia  by percentage without going to field.

I wonder if there is a specialization in military conflict as a course in your department.

I would like to read the detail of the Tigray conflict  by one of your professors. I appreciate if you email it to me.

Here is what I know that contradicts from the professor findings I just heard on news few minutes ago.

At Maikadra in Nov 2020 more than 1k Amharas were murdered by TPLF youth gangs. The professor did not put any percentage on his findings. He just said 600 were killed and did not disclose the identity of the victims.

At Axum, the professor put the death figure at 800. However, Amnesty put the number around 100. Whom to believe ?

The professor ” Military Geography ” is unscientific and its sources are TPLF affilated social medias. Amnesty has experience of such reaearch. If Ghent has such experiences in the past I am not aware of it.

It is unfortunate some professors are using their professorship in misleading their community by publishing names of the victims and how they lost their lives.

My time in Ghent I learned in soil science directly from field work, laboratory and lectures. Military conflict report should not be done from distance.

Military reporting without field research is invalid to say the least.

I want you to know my dissapointment on the University of Ghent. Ghent has used  TPLF members affilated with the university in propaganda against the people of Ethiopia.

Its attempt playing tribal politics remind me Hutus Vs Tutsis, a Belgian colonial past legacy.

Ethiopia is not Rwanda and any attempt by foreigners in playing Tigray Vs the rest of Ethiopia is an anti Africa, USA/UK and EU policy we Ethiopians totally reject.

TPLF that stole 30 billion dollars in 27 yrs staying in power with brute force is no different from Al Qaeda, ISIS, Al Shabab and Boku Haram !!!!

Ethiopian Defense Force succeded in killing and hunting TPLF warlords and no outside force can save them.

The people of Tigray are better off without TPLF even if some professors are campaigning for the return of TPLF.

PS: Today, The professor send me a radio interview he made on April 2, 2021. I sent the above letter to his dept yesterday.

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