Tigray Democratic Party Says TPLF Using Food, Medicine Entering Tigray for Political Gain –

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Addis Ababa, April 26, 2022 (Walta) – Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) disclosed that although food aid and medicine are entering Tigray, the terrorist TPLF is using them for political gain. TPLF’s claim that aid is not entering the Region is untrue, it added.

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Speaking to EPA, TDP Public Relations Head Mulubirhan Haile said, his party has full information that relief supplies are entering Tigray. But the aid is not reaching the target people in the state.

As to him, the people of Tigray are now in dire straits because of the terrorist, and his party believes that the suffering of the people of Tigray will continue as long as terrorist TPLF exists.

Mulubirhan reported that food aid and medicine sent to the needy people of Tigray are being given to the militants and sold to merchants.

He added that many new private pharmacies have been opened in Tigray and the medicine that has been sent to Tigray by the federal government and international partners is being sold to these pharmacies.

He further stated that in addition to preventing the people from getting humanitarian assistance, the terrorist TPLF group is forcing the people of Tigray to give food and money, and also parents to send their children to war.

“The people of the world must understand that what the TPLF is saying and doing is extremely opposite. I think the Ethiopian people understand this very well,” he also indicated.

The people of Tigray are fleeing to the Amhara state in protesting TPLF’s atrocities in Tigray, he said, adding that the atrocities that the TPLF is committing against the people of Tigray are hard to hear.

He also said that in light of the group’s long history of bad behavior, the people of Tigray cannot live in peace as long as the group exists.

Ethnic-Tigrayan Diasporas and elites must stop their efforts to save the terrorist TPLF the one that is tormenting the people of Tigray, Mulubirhan urged. Adding that, they have to influence the group to disarm. “If they continue to support the TPLF, they are making a historic mistake.”

Mulubirhan also called on the people of Tigray to fight against the group more than ever.

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