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The way forward for the diaspora community is to empower and embrace the message of Prime Minister Abiy

The purpose of this comment is to give feedback to Ato Yaye Abebe who is the author of; “Dear ESFNA, It is NOT about Abiy, It is about us…”  In that article Ato Yaye said, “The way forward for the diaspora community is to empower and embrace the message of Prime Minister Abiy while sustaining the pressure demanding for the legitimate rights and interests of the Ethiopian people.”

I believe the intent of the article that I also concur wanted to communicate about the importance of dialogue with those whose idea one may not necessarily agree with but for the goal individual share, which is the way forward.  That as it may, there are few outstanding errors in that presentation by Ato Yaye, I want to point out for him and the readers to think about:

  • The statement, “Abiy came to power through the young generation’s sacrifice.” It is not only the young but also all Ethiopians including those in the Diaspora have sacrificed – hurt. Even those who torture and kill their brothers and sisters subconsioucly do hurt – leaving with fear is a case ion point.
  • “… the diaspora community has been that of politicization, division and animosity.” Such perception is too generalizing and inaccurate. As a mater of fact the Diaspora has played and still is playing a big role pressuring the current dictatorial regime at least for the last 28 years or so.  Among other things, contacting the host country legislators to inform them about the Human Right violations in Ethiopia and what they need to do to stop it; like “Res.128 – Supporting respect for human rights and encouraging inclusive governance in Ethiopia.
  • Also advocate not providing financial support to the regime and so on. Other roles the Diaspora played effectively is to be a voice for the voiceless by using various social media outlets – such as ESAT, SBS Australia, VOA, and DW Radio, even Forum 65 … etc.

Therefore, the objective lesson for all who are interested to provide constructive criticism or advise is, to make sure they are exercising that advise themselves before they extend it to others and, to make sure they respect other views that may not necessarily agree with theirs or are different.


Lemlem Tsegaw, May 29, 2018

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