The Trilateral Axis of Shevil With Ethiopia in Their Crossfire!

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You can call them whatever you want.

The Sisterhood of Evil.

The Princesses of Darkness.

The Divas of Doom and Gloom.

If you prefer to wax Shakespearean, you can call them the “Weird Sisters,” “Wayward Sisters” or the “Three Wicked Witches.” (MacBeth.)

The bottom line is that Susan Rice, Director of the United States Domestic Policy Council, Samantha Power (USAID administrator) and Gayle Smith (USAID administrator before Power) are the Trilateral Axis of Evil who have jacked up Ethiopia against the sanctions wall facing their firing line.

Their obsession 24/7/365 is the demonization, criminalization, stigmatization and anathematization of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian government.

Their one and only purpose: Restoration of the terrorist TPLF to power in Ethiopia.

Susan Rice is the mastermind, the Jezebel of the Unholy Trinity.

Rice lurks in the dark shadows puppet mastering, manipulating and orchestrating her (“Biden’s”) crippling-sanctions policy in Ethiopia.

Rice has been coordinating her global campaign of lies, damned lies and disinformation after the terrorist TPLF launched its attack on the Ethiopian Northern Command on November 3, 2020.

After I relentlessly exposed her dirty tricks using Twitter, she no longer tweets about Ethiopia.

But she does her wicked deeds in the dark.

For well over a decade, I have been exposing Rice for her blind support of the TPLF and callous indifference to African suffering.

In 1994, when the Clinton Administration pretended to be ignorant of the bloodbath in Rwanda and the death toll continued to rise by the thousands, Rice’s concern was not taking immediate action to stop the genocide and saving lives but the political consequences of calling the Rwandan tragedy a “genocide” and saving her job and others in her political party.

Rice had the audacity, moral depravity and sheer callous indifference to ask, “If we use the word ‘genocide’ and are seen as doing nothing, what will be the effect on the November [congressional] election?”

I opposed Rice’s nomination to become Secretary of State in 2012.

Rice & Co. in the Fall of 2020 conspired to launch a devastating blitzkrieg to put the TPLF in the saddle of power in Ethiopia.

In March 2021, I wrote about Susan Rice’s Pax Americana in Ethiopia driven by her obsession to restore the terrorist TPLF to power.

Susan Rice’s Pax Ethiopiana/Doctrine in Ethiopia is based on several assumptions:

Ethiopia is unstable and divided because of ethnic competition and antagonisms.

If the ambers of ethnic hate can be stoked and the flames of hatred billowed, Ethiopia can be reduced to ashes.

Ethiopia is preparing for the most democratic election in its history.

That election must not take place under any circumstances because it will be the final nail in TPLF’s coffin.

The Ethiopian Government must be neutralized and paralyzed by the Tigray situation. Ethiopia’s economy is faltering, and everything must be done to damage the Ethiopian economy because that will force the people to rise up against PM Abiy.

Ethiopia is under threat of attack by Egypt and Sudan and that could further weaken the government of PM Abiy.

Ethiopia has no friends in the West. Ethiopia’s real friend is China.

By overthrowing PM Abiy, China can be defeated in Ethiopia and the rest of Africa.

The Ethiopian-Eritrean brotherhood must be broken at all costs because Ethiopians and Eritreans united can never be defeated.

So, it is necessary to drive a wedge between them by blaming Eritrea for alleged human rights violations. It is necessary to divide Ethiopia and Eritrea to destroy them.

If Ethiopia falls, Eritrea falls. Two for the price of one.

With enough internal and external pressure, PM Abiy can be driven out of power or at least be brought before Queen Susan in chains and leg irons begging for mercy pleading to negotiate with the TPLF.

Susan Rice thinks she can sabotage and economically incapacitate Ethiopia like she did Eritrea.

Susan Rice became U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. on January 26, 2009.

In less than a year, Rice engineered the United Nations Security Council into adopting Resolution 1862/2009 and Resolution 1907/2009 which imposed an arms embargo on Eritrea and sought to deliver a crippling blow on the Eritrean economy.

These resolutions were hit jobs on Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki by Susan Rice on behalf of her bosom “friend” Meles Zenawi, the late leader of the terrorist TPLF.

At the time Susan Rice said, “the Security Council acted ‘not hastily, not aggressively,’ but with “the aim of seeking constructive dialogue with the Eritrean government”.

Susan Rice tried to do the number she did on Eritrea in 2009 once more in Ethiopia in 2021. Her strategy, “We want the Security Council to sanction Ethiopia with the aim of seeking constructive dialogue with the Ethiopian Government.”

By tethering the Ethiopian and Eritrean Governments as one, Susan Rice & Crew believe they can knock them out in one fell swoop.

In a Statement on March 2, 2021, Susan Rice Bot (robot) Blinken, having spoken to PM Abiy Ahmed, issued the following demands and commands which made a travesty of Ethiopian sovereignty and trashed the core principle of the U.N. Charter.

Blinken’s demands and commands are the same ones concocted by Susan Rice on November 14, 2020 to save the TPLF pleading in total  panic with the Trump administration: “We need principled leadership on this @StateDept. @AsstSecStateAF  Please and fast.”

Four days after Susan Rice’s tweet, on November 18, 2020, Blinken tweeted, “Deeply concerned about the humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia, reports of targeted ethnic violence, and the risk to regional peace and security. The TPLF and Ethiopian authorities should take urgent steps to end the conflict, enable humanitarian access, and protect civilians.”

On March 2, 2021, Blinken ordered the Ethiopian government to:

1) “take immediate, concrete steps to protect civilians, including refugees, and to prevent further violence.”

2) bring an “immediate end to hostilities and the withdrawal of outside forces from Tigray, including Amhara regional security forces and Eritrean troops.”

3) “work with the international community to facilitate independent, international, and credible investigations into reported human rights abuses and violations and to hold those responsible accountable.”

4) provide “full and unhindered humanitarian access in Tigray.”

5) “honor its commitments around access” to all parts of Tigray region including active military operational areas.

Jeffrey Feltman, before he resigned his position as presidential envoy in total disgrace, was Susan Rice’s stooge assigned to restore the TPLF to power in Ethiopia.

Feltman told PM Abiy the terrorist TPLF will capture in Ethiopia in in December 2021, and he should pack up and leave.

PM Abiy told him he will kick TPLF’s ass in 2 weeks!

PM Abiy delivered in less than two weeks and Feltman/Rice walked away with their tails between their legs.

Susan Rice, the TPLF’s BFF (best friend for life) continues to cook conspiracies in her cauldron to restore the terrorist TPLF to power.

“Abracadabra! Shazaam!”

TPLF will never be restored to power in Ethiopia by force or arms or witchcraft!

Samantha Power, USAID administrator and the TPLF Goddess of Lies

In Roman mythology, “Fraus” was the Goddess of Lies. “Frau” in German means woman.

Samantha Power is the Goddess of Lies in American foreign policy mythology or disinformation. Hell hath no fury like a woman in love with the terrorist TPLF!

Fraus Samantha has been crying wolf and perpetuating mythology/ disinformation about famine and starvation in the northern Ethiopian province of Tigray for the past year.

The lies, damned lies and disinformation of Fraus Samantha

On May 11, 2022, Fraus Samantha testified (actually testiLIED) before Congress that the Ethiopian government is withholding “warehouses of food” from starving people in Tigray.

Today, May 17, 2022, USAID Ethiopia  tweeted:

As #Ethiopia faces its worst #drought in 40 years, @USAID is surging our support with over $152 million in aid. We’re helping thousands of health extensions workers like Ferhiya (pic’d here) to screen hundreds of thousands of children for severe malnutrition in all regions. (Italics added.)

Is Ethiopia facing “famine”, “drought” or “severe malnutrition”?

Fraus Samantha has been systematically feeding the world lies, damned lies and disinformation on cutoff/blockage of delivery of humanitarian aid and crying wolf about famine and starvation in Tigray for the last year beginning in May 2021.

On May 19, 2021, Fraus Samantha tweeted, “WARNING: Conflict causing extreme hunger in #Tigray; 5M+ people need humanitarian aid. Our early warning system now detects category 5 food emergency. THERE IS NO CATEGORY 6.” There was no extreme hunger.

On June 2, 2021, Frau Samantha tweeted, “Ethiopia has seen famine of disastrous proportions before & could see it again within months.” There was no famine.

On June 9, 2021, Fraus Samantha issued a statement announcing she “held an urgent meeting on famine and atrocities in Tigray.” There was no famine!

On July 31, 2021, Fraus Samantha announced, “Over 100,000 children could face extreme starvation in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.” There was no extreme starvation!

On August 21, 2021, Fraus Samantha issued a statement, “In Tigray, where hundreds of thousands are facing famine, food warehouses are virtually empty.” There was no famine!

Fraus Samantha is crying wolf about a famine that does not exist because she is weaponizing the myth of famine to mobilize Western public opinion, demonize Ethiopia, impose sanctions and in the process restore the terrorist TPLF to power in Ethiopia.

Is Samantha Power a born liar or a victim of pseudologia fantastica, a psychiatric syndrome of compulsive lying?!

Gayle Smith, Former USAID administrator

Gayle Smith reportedly was the “mistress” of a TPLF terrorist by the nick name (nom de guerre “Jamaica”) in the early 1980s.

Smith was a “close confidant to the leadership of the TPLF” and spent the “decade of the 1980’s as the liaison between the CIA and Meles Zenawi.”

Smith “is the person most responsible for the rise to power and elevation to international leadership status of Ethiopia’s Meles Zenawi, one of the most corrupt, bloodthirsty genocidal killers of modern times.”

Gayle Smith has been a dyed-in-the-wool TPLF supporter and an employee of REST (Relief Society of Tigray (Maret), an organization created and controlled by the late Meles Zenawi and his TPLF party.

A May 1991 Christian Science Monitor report offers a perspective on Smith and her relationship with the TPLF. “One of the few Westerners who speaks the Tigre language and has had many contacts with Zenawi over a nine-year period, is Gayle Smith, an American who worked for Tigre’s relief agency, REST, during the 1985-6 drought.” (Emphasis added.)

In May 1990, exactly a year before Meles Zenawi and his TPLF thugs marched on the Ethiopian capital, Smith pleaded for severe sanctions against the military junta ruling Ethiopia at the time. That is what she and her Axis friends are doing today.

In her testimony before Congress, Smith argued for “increasing pressure on the Mengistu regime” and recommended “expanded and sustained to the cross border operations in a comprehensive fashion to support the TPLF and EPLF”.

Specifically, Smith recommended, “In particular, support to the cross-border programs should include not only food but also the provision of trucks, spare parts, fuel, storage, medical and other emergency relief supplies and administrative costs.”

She further urged the U.S. to “ensure that relief items originally consigned to the Port of Massawa for delivery after 8 February 1990 have been or will be re-consigned to the Port of Sudan.” (Emphasis added.)

In her earlier Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP) analysis, Smith,  just before she became a REST employee,  explained that when the “Ethiopian famine burst on the scene in Tigray in late 1984, the second and third [famine relief] operations both began at Port Sudan and entered Eritrea and Tigray at points along the eastern Sudanese border. These were run by the Eritrean Relief Association (ERA) and the Relief Society of Tigray (REST), respectively.”

What is amazing is the fact that the “food, trucks, spare parts, fuel, storage, medical and other emergency relief supplies” that were delivered in Port Sudan were being used to support Zenawi’s TPLF rebel army.

What Meles Zenawi and his REST operation did with the relief aid they received in 1984-85 is a shocking story of theft and conversion of humanitarian relief for military purposes, including the diversion of food aid to feed Meles’ rebel army.

I have documented the scope of that theft and misappropriation of humanitarian aid in my November 2014 commentary “TPLF Licensed to Steal”.

Unfettered humanitarian access?!

Samantha Power barks daily on Twitter about “unfettered humanitarian access to Tigray.”

Power utters the phrase, but Susan Rice makes Power bark it out/tweet it daily.

The strategy behind “unfettered humanitarian access to Tigray” is the same as in 1990-91:

Force the Ethiopian government to allow trucks into Tigray unsupervised and uninspected as they carry food and humanitarian supplies on top of AK47s, grenade launchers, artillery shells, RPGs and spare parts for transport trucks and armor stolen from the Ethiopian government.

Heed the old saying Trilateral Axis of Shevil:  “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

Or in the memorable words of George Bush II, “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

Yes, indeed. Ethiopia can’t get fooled again!


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