The Government Intensifying Efforts for Humanitarian Supplies, Service Restoration in Tigray

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The Government of Ethiopia has been providing relief services to the citizens affected by the war in Tigray from its own resources and in cooperation with partner agencies.

Briefing the media today, Government Communication Service State Minister Selamawit Kassa said that the government has been working in its capacity to implement the agreement with full commitment.

Humanitarian aid has been delivered via Afar-Abala, Gondar-Mytsebri-Shire, and Kombolcha-Kobo-Alamata corridors via road transport. Unfettered humanitarian aid has been delivered in all corridors.  

Up until December 14, more than 93,000 metric tons of food and nutrition have been delivered, and over 8,000 tons of non-food items were delivered into Tigray.

Regarding medical supplies, over 78.7 million Birr worth medicines were sent by the government, and 158 metric tons of medicines by partners were dispatched to the region via road and air transport. About 29 partners have been participating in this humanitarian aid delivery with 2,628 vehicles transporting aid via the three corridors.

With regard to fuel, over 833,000 liters have been transported to the region. And  for program implementation and operational cost, Birr 588 million was sent to the region.

Moreover, the government has also been engaged in reconstruction activities in areas severely affected by the war. The repairing and check up work of about 85 percent of electric transmission lines that were damaged by the war has been completed. It is noted that the regional capital Mekele, which was cut off from the national power grid due to the conflict, has been reconnected.

Telecom service has also resumed in about 65 stations in the region.  

In connection with banking service, network installations that enable banking service to resume has been completed in 8 cities, including Shire, Axum and Adwa.  

It is to be recalled that the Joint Ministerial Committee set to facilitate humanitarian, basic and public services for northern Ethiopia evaluated earlier the performance of activities carried out in providing humanitarian aid, restoring basic services and reconstruction effort in northern Ethiopia. The Government has demonstrated full commitment to the needs of citizens affected by the war either with its own resources or collaboration with partner organizations.

As the general relief and rehabilitation needs in the three regions are still immense, international partners need to provide assistance for the government’s ongoing humanitarian, rebuilding and rehabilitation efforts.

Ethiopia has successfully demonstrated that the government is seriously committed to the relief and multi-faceted rehabilitation programs. The fact that a national ministerial council is evaluating the entire program demonstrates the highest level of commitment to implement the peace agreement.

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