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Terrorist TPLF Spreading Lies by Hiring Foreigners, Reveals Scholar

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Addis Ababa November 2/2021 (ENA) Terrorist TPLF group has been spread fabricated information through the digital media by hiring foreigners, a scholar said.

Speaking to ENA, Addis Ababa University Sociology lecturer & researcher, Professor Getnet Tadele said foreigners hired by the terrorist TPLF have been spreading fake information to destabilize Ethiopia.

Besides committing atrocities on peoples in invaded parts of the country, officials of the terrorist group and their allies are paying Western media outlets, human rights and donor organizations as well as individuals to cover up the group’s long-running brutal acts, he added.

According to the professor, the TPLF clique is engaged in spreading propaganda in an organized manner.

When in power for the over 27 years, TPLF had  cultivated good relationship with foreigners that help to support its dream of destabilizing and plundering Ethiopia, he stated, adding that these are Norwagian, British, American and Tigrayan-Ethiopian agents who can be easily named.

However, the professor said he is encouraged by the information given by Ethiopian higher officials to international media outlets about the survival campaign and to expose the destructive agenda of the terrorist group.

Professor Getnet nevertheless noted that the information given by the government should be provided in an organized manner.

Spreading false information is a modern digital war waged by planning, organizing, training expertise, and budget support.

A study carried out in Ethiopia has revealed that false information reaches 1,000 to 100,000 people within a short period of time, but the spread of true information does not exceed 1,000 people.

When a piece of false information reaches 1,500 people in an instant, the factual one takes up to six fold time to reach readers/listners, it was learned.

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