Terrorist TPLF Should be Eliminated For Good: TDP Chairman Aregawi Berhe

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Addis Ababa November 3/2021 (ENA)  Ethiopia and its people will never be at peace unless the terrorist group TPLF is eliminated for good, Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) Chairman Aregawi Berhe said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, he noted that TPLF is a threat not only to the people of Ethiopia but also to the people of Tigray.

TPLF has been carrying out all sorts of crimes on Ethiopians and committed an unforgettable betrayal on the Northern Command that has been safeguarding the region for over 20 years.

He added that this planned massacre was part of the strategy set by the terrorist TPLF for 47 years to destroy the history, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the country.

According to Aregawi, the atrocities committed against members of the Northern Command were clear indications that the group would do anything to satisfy its thirst for power.

TPLF brutally ruled the country for 27 years and plundered Ethiopia exposing it to complex socio-political, security and economic problems, the chairman stated.

He noted that the TPLF has not respected the rights of the people and is currently working with foreign powers that do not want Ethiopia’s development and want the country to disintegrate.

TPLF’s current attempt to reorganize itself is a reflection of its desire to again plunder the country’s resources and bring the people back into oppression and slavery, the chairman revealed.

“The atrocities committed by TPLF against the people of Amhara and Afar regions, in particular, must be stopped once and for all,” Aregawi stressed.

He said the entire Ethiopian people should stand together to liberate the people of Tigray from the current threat posed by the terrorist group.

Ethiopians across the nation have now been mobilized to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country by destroying this tyrant group.  

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