Terrorist TPLF Loyal Servant of US, British: TDP Chairperson

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Addis Ababa, October 21,2022 Tigray Democratic Party Chairperson Aregawi Berhe pointed out that the sole reason why the USA and British superpowers are providing support to terrorist TPLF, is because the group has been a loyal servant of them since its inception. Aregawi also criticized Tigrayan Diaspora for not supporting the people of Tigray.

In an exclusive with ENA, Aregawi said TPLF came to power in Ethiopia in the 90s with the support of the USA and British superpowers with a view to accomplishing their political and economic interest in the horn of Africa region.

Some members of the international community had been intervening in several countries including Djibouti, Somalia, and Sudan using TPLF as an instrument, he added.  

“The TPLF has been a loyal servant of these foreign forces, so this has been the case for the TPLF to remain in power for several years and whatever wrong the TPLF does, these superpowers give deaf ears and never dare to be critical about it.”  

He recalled that when a peaceful demonstration was held in Addis Ababa during the 2005 election, some 197 innocent civilian were killed by TPLF which was a heinous act.

But, these foreign powers didn’t utter a word to condemn this heinous act, he said, adding that whatever the TPLF does, they would pass it as a normal thing for them while Ethiopian people were suffering.

Even now, after TPLF lost power due to intensive pressure from the Ethiopian people, it entrenched itself to Tigray people and started a war against the legitimate government.

The TPLF had attacked the northern command based in Mekelle in November 2020 while they were sleeping, that was a cowardly act and it has even robbed humanitarian supplies meant to the Tigray people several times.

“It has taken away a convoy of 1700 trucks from humanitarian organizations as well as from the government. These foreign powers didn’t utter a word.The huge amount of fuel was robbed by the TPLF. These foreign governments didn’t say anything to condemn the act of this terrorist organization. So, why are they doing this, is simply because, the TPLF was a royal servant of them and they want to push the legitimate government of Ethiopia to the extent that accept the TPLF as it is and give it a share of power, so that they will come again through the TPLF to execute their own selfish desires.”

The chairperson further went on as saying: “I am sure they will not succeed because the Ethiopians are now aware of these facts and they never let the European or American intrigues to prevail in our independent nation. So they have to stop their aggression.”

On the other hand, Aregawi pointed out that some Tigray diaspora who have been supporting the TPLF were beneficiaries of the regime and served the regime to stay in power.

“While the TPLF was in power this diaspora people were beneficiaries in many aspects. They would come to grab lands in various parts of Ethiopia. They would come to institute business, to do several things and they were beneficiaries of the regime. (Now) the TPLF regime is out of this way.”

“They (Tigrayan diaspora) have never supported the people of Tigray, even for one moment; they haven’t raised the heinous situation of Tigray people. They didn’t raise that the Tigray people were dependent on safety net, supplies which are coming from foreigners. They haven’t raised a word against the TPLF, why do they let the Tigray people to be hungry all these years. The Tigrayan people don’t have a democratic opportunity to choose their leaders, parties.They(Tigrayan diaspora) have not raised either the political issues or economic issues of the people. They simply supported the TPLF, because they were beneficiaries.”

In his message to fellow Tigrayan diaspora, Aregawi said that they have to stop and look at the situation of the people of Tigray and raise their voice to support the people instead of supporting the regime which is dying.

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