Terrorist TPLF Inflicts 279 bln. Birr Damage in Amhara –

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Terrorist TPLF Inflicts 279 bln. Birr Damage in Amhara

Addis Ababa, November 13, 2021(Walta) – Amhara State Plan and Development Bureau revealed that the terrorist TPLF belligerent group has destroyed property amounting to 279.5 billion Birr and caused displacement of over six million citizens.

Speaking to local media, the Bureau Head Animut Belete said that the terrorist TPLF has caused huge loss of human life and property damage in all areas it has invaded in the state. In this regard, over 6,000,000 people are exposed to a range of risks and close to 1,000,000 people are displaced from their homes.

According to Animut, the terrorist group has also looted and demolished infrastructures like schools, health, water, irrigation and different justice institutions, police institutions, and so on. Likewise, the terrorist TPLF has also killed innocent civilians in mass as well as looted and destroyed farmers’ crop and domestic animals.

“The damage, caused by TPLF as confirmed by a regional survey in 45 districts (Woredas), is very huge in the areas it invaded. The pervious invaded areas have now started being free from the terrorist group after taking strong action, but the survey does not include places which are now under the control of terrorist TPLF,” he added.

According to the Ethiopian Herald, the Head further stated that the terrorist group has destroyed over 2.2 billion Birr on health sector by attacking 1,466 hospitals, health centers, and health stations. It has also demolished close to 2.3 billion Birr by destroying six polytechnic colleges and 17 Technical Education and Vocational Training (TEVT). In terms of road infrastructure and bridge, the terrorist group canned over two billion Birr while more than 1.2 billion Birr out of service on the sides of irrigation institutions.

“The terrorist TPLF has also risk in agriculture, culture and tourism, finance, water, job creation, industry and investment, trade and others service providing institutions,” Animut noted.


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