Terrorist TPLF, Far from What It Would like Us to Believe

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BY Staff Reporter

To begin with, is the terrorist organization worthy of its name, TPLF ? The irony is it cannot combine its inborn traits of terror and assume the role of a liberation movement. Evidences recorded on the organization for the last 50 years show that terrorist TPLF is an ethnic based hate and treachery-induced demagogic organization that failed to liberate its own people let alone the people of Ethiopia. The question is then who liberates who and from whom?

This terrorist organization which is tied down to ethnic based ideology of war and terror has confined itself to an outdated ethnic politics into which it has arrested itself. From day one of its establishment, terrorist TPLF was sowing the seeds of hatred, war mongering, slanderous lies and official theft of public property. The terrorist group planned and implemented all these strategies through its 32 former endowment companies, notorious intelligence units which deliberately hatched ethnic based conflicts among the people of Ethiopia for 27 years.

The real nature of this fascistic organization was vividly exposed in the gang raping of housewives, minors, a nun, who is more than 80 years old; committing mass massacre of innocent poor farmers, priests and monks, destruction on  churches and mosques and schools some of which it had turned to a grave yard for the remains of its fighters, gunning down  livestock. Name any kind of crime against humanity, terrorist TPLF has committed it.

Name any kind of crime against humanity, terrorist TPLF has committed it.

Reminiscent of what ISIS and Boko Harm have done in Syria, Iraq and Northern Nigeria, the terrorist organization destroyed historical heritages that are recorded but not defended by UNESCO. All this happened in a few months before this terrorist group was defeated by the National Defence Forces (ENDF) and the Amhara and Afar regional forces, retreated to Mekele , living behind a significant number of dead bodies of its fighters.

So then, it is ideologically and politically wrong to address the terrorist organization as a liberation movement as it has liberated nobody but only some of  its 30 leaders who became stinky rich by stealing from public coffers and contraband trade.

The most alarming narrative of the inhuman activities of the terrorist organization is that it was enjoying the blessings of the western powers and the US, UN systems and the global western media.

The UNSC conducted 12 unnecessary sessions on Ethiopia to please the western powers; however, the intentions of the US and its allies were not fulfilled. Then, the US immediately reacted and imposed unacceptable unilateral sanctions on Ethiopia, promoting the terrorist TPLF to destroy the economic bases of Ethiopia. The aforementioned global organizations have never condemned the atrocities committed by the terrorist group, including child soldiers, prohibited by international law.

The western powers never took a chance to condemn the crimes of terrorist TPLF.  Surprisingly, they conspired with the terrorist to destroy the legitimate and democratic political order in the country and replace it with a puppet transitional government, led by the terrorist TPLF, which waged decades of political oppression and subjugation on the country.

Just like the ISIS which tried to establish a caliphate, the self-styled, the so called liberation front for Tigray is also trying to establish Greater Tigray by expanding into parts of Afar, Amhara among others. Terrorist TPLF’s geostrategic desires are far greater than expected as it wishes to establish an empire composed of numerous banana republics that take orders from Mekele. This organization of terrorists and vandals does not qualify to be a liberation movement but a horde of terrorists out to destroy human civilization.

Here it is worth noting that as the west and the US are striving to dominate the world in the name of national interest, they are laboring day and night to destroy democracy in Ethiopia, attempting to replace it with a totalitarian regime.

A couple of months back, the US Secretary of State abhorred Ethiopia’s legitimate law enforcement measures in Tigray as “ethnic cleansing” while the truth is that the terrorist TPLF and its associates were engaged in ethnic cleansing in Amhara and  Afar states.  

In spite of the decision made by the Ethiopian government that the ENDF  do not to advance into Tigray, the blood thirsty terrorist organization has now opened another round of attack only to suffer massive casualties.  This organization is far from being a liberation front.

The US official has accused the government of Ethiopia for weaponizing hunger, but who is actually doing that? Terrorist TPLF looted USAID and UNICEF warehouses in Tigray. The terrorist looted and devastated WFP warehouses in Kombolcha and Diesse. So who is in reality using hunger as a weapon?

The western powers and the US forgive and forget the crimes that are continuously committed by a terrorist organization. They shamelessly try to shift the blame on Ethiopia and its people, who are only engaged in defending their sovereignty and territorial integrity.  

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